One year ago…

Oh what a difference a year makes.

My baby was learning to eat green beans, homemade at that.

My bigs were learning about ants by watching the habitat we ordered online.

I was putting in more time learning German than I do now, and I feel very ashamed about that.  I wish I were more competent in that area.

Matt was working hard in his unit while simultaneously helping to build a community at ChapelNext.

What has changed?  Not much.  Well, Parker’s eating whatever we eat.  And he walks now. The bigs are doing science on their own.  After that really awesome plant experiment and that ant colony, science died out for us last year.  So far, Switched on Schoolhouse is is working beautifully to provide them the science they need to grow that part of their brains.  Turns out, Carson’s a rock star at science.  WHO KNEW?!?  I’m writing more, and teaching more, if that makes any sense, considering I have Math and Science programs designed to do that for me.  I am also taking better pictures and doing so with a better camera.  (I heart my Nikon.)  Matt is thriving as a co-pastor of ChapelNext and I think he’s really in his element on Sunday mornings.  I am very excited my parents will be here to hear him speak twice!  Speaking of that, they arrive in 2 weeks and 2 days!!

Last year we were staring at our last bit of debt with fire in our eyes.  This year we’re staring at our bank account that is growing, ever so slightly, and wondering if we really want to buy a car to replace the van or just sit here and enjoy being on this side of the hump. (Well, I’d like to buy a van AND sit here on this side of the hump, and our prospects look great.  Praying for a few transactions that are in the works: selling our broken van and buying a replacement.  Prayers from friends and family are greatly appreciated.) Note: we will only buy something with the cash we have on hand.  Do not fear. We will not go into debt for a car.  I’d rather walk or ride the shuttle, both very possible options here in Wiesbaden.

What a fun time we’re having in Germany.  We’ve now seen Garmisch (a few more times), London, and Paris.  Heading to Prague in a couple of weeks.  Our big dream for 2012 is Italy.

This post was inspired by Facebook posting my “Status from One Year Ago.”  It mentioned that I had re-started my couch to 10K and it made me proud that I had accomplished that goal.  If you were to take a look back at your life one year ago, what would you think was mentionable?

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4 Responses to One year ago…

  1. Jenn Cook says:

    Um…Italy? You know who is here. 🙂 Come on down…stay with us Dave Ramsey style…FREE…we will bless you so you can bless others! Love reading your blogs and all the amazing things you are doing! Love ya!
    ~ Jenn

    • Jennifer says:

      SWEET! I am thinking about a spring trip, before it gets too hot! 🙂 We are thinking that we could stay a few nights at Darby and see the sights that are near there, then head your way. I guess we’ll have to drive. Flying is insane with 6 people (but if you think otherwise, I’d love to hear your tips). I could APO some clothes to you before we arrive and then fly with what’s in our backpacks… we’ll chat.

  2. Melissa says:

    My status one year ago? Gosh, that was certainly a trying time: I would have been only 6 weeks post-op from back surgery, back at school only after three weeks of recovery, and chompin at the bit to get that semester done! Thankful that the surgery was covered under worker’s comp, thankful for friends in the program, and my parents, who stepped up to help me really push through that semester, and then go on to actually running my first 5k only 6 months later…. how truly awesome God is when we know He will take care of our needs…. 🙂

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