Look how I spent my Sunday afternoon:

These are on their way to a friend.

I don’t necessarily love clipping coupons but I simply can’t resist saving $30+ dollars on each big shopping trip.  So I spent 4 hours going through these gifts from the states.

I have several friends who faithfully send coupons to me.   After I go through them I pass them on to other friends.  We even have a little coupon group here in Wiesbaden.  If you want to mail coupons to me, I’ll gladly accept them.  Once my local group gets them (and when they are done with the ones they receive from the states) I ship them via APO to another friend.  They are well picked through and well appreciated.  In case you weren’t aware, overseas we are allowed to use coupons up to six months past the expiration date, so you could always just save the ones that have expired and send those!

I get super exited when I find:

Pampers; Nestle Creamer; International House Creamer; Millstone Coffee; Cottonelle Wipes; Angle Soft Toilet Paper; Mr. Clean and Slimfast.  These are things I tend to buy each shopping trip. (I’m pretty proud of my record:  I have yet to buy a pack of diapers or wipes without a coupon!!)

I wish there were coupons for whole chickens, ground beef, military milk, and fruits and vegetables.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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