11th Hour

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that Matt and I had prayed for wisdom, clarity, and for a newer van to join our family sooner rather than later.

That was the day before we were supposed to purchase the ’98 Pontiac that we had hoped would carry us through the remainder of our time here in Germany.  We had negotiated the sellers down a thousand dollars, and we were feeling pretty good about it.  We also prayed that if we weren’t supposed to have the van that is wouldn’t pass inspection.

I went to bed Thursday night, very late, after spending time emailing the sellers to get the VIN number and speaking with USAA to add the van to our insurance.  I posted to FB that I was excited about the next day, VAN GETTING DAY!

When I woke up I had a note from a friend asking me to call her.  I did, just after the sun rose over the mountains in Garmisch.

She told me some very disconcerting things about the van we were about to purchase.  She had had the exact same one several years prior.  The things she mentioned were concerning enough that we felt convinced we were not supposed to purchase the van.  We knew full well that her van may have just been a dud and that the one we were looking at may have been perfect, but we couldn’t overlook the facts:

  1. We prayed for wisdom and clarity.
  2. We received a call in the 11th hour warning us of a possible disaster.
I was reminded of the old “there’s a flood coming” illustration.  In case you missed that one, it goes something like this:
A man is watching the news and a weather forecaster warns the viewers that a flood is imminent.  He highly suggests everyone evacuate.  The man thinks to himself, “God will save me,” and decides not to leave.  His neighbors stop by and ask him to go with them. He says, “No, I’m good.  God will save me.”  The waters rise higher and higher and a boat floats by.  The volunteer firemen tell him he MUST go with them but he refuses, adamantly stating that God is going to rescue him.  He soon finds the water so high that the only dry place is on the top of his roof.  A helicopter comes by dangling a basket for him to climb into. He refuses this final rescue attempt and ultimately dies.  Upon meeting God face to face he asks Him, “God, why didn’t you save me? I believed you were going to and you let me die.”  God then says, “Dude, I sent you a forecaster’s warning, neighbors, a boat and a helicopter.  Those WERE my attempts at saving you.  You just wouldn’t listen.” 

I have been the person on the roof before.  This time I wanted to be the one who heeds the warning of the forecaster, getting out before the storm even hits.   Now we’re back to square one.  Down to one car (the Durango) and borrowing a second when one is available.  We’re going to sock away any extra cash we can over the next several weeks/months until we find a vehicle that matches our criteria/budget.  For now we’ll be thankful that we have at least one vehicle that seats all of us.  


If you happen to know of anyone selling a 2005 or newer Town and Country with fewer than 100K miles in Germany, please send me the info.  It may be a while before we have the cash on hand to purchase it, but we’re working on it!



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