“laugh till you cry” kind of fun

That’s what we did at Jessica’s 30th Birthday Party.

I don’t generally include a lot of inside jokes in my posts but there were a few moments from this celebration that I just couldn’t resist mentioning, if only to make the birthday girl laugh one more time. Sorry if you don’t understand them.  I promise, if they would be funny to you I’d tell the stories.  But you know when you are at a party and it gets late, everything becomes funny.  So funny that you really have to work hard at not spitting your food out of your mouth, knowing good and well that when you try to explain this funny story to your husband he will smile and nod while thinking, ‘white socks.’

(Okay, I’ll have to explain ‘white socks’ to you… It’s a code I have for the boys when they’re telling me (or a friend of mine) a story that I really don’t need to hear or am really not following.  It basically means, “I’m about as interested in your story as I am in knowing that you just got new white socks.”  I try to keep them from rattling on and on to poor unsuspecting adults who try to look interested when one of my sons wants to go into deep detail about the latest episode of Swamp People.  You’re thinking it right now, aren’t you?  Sorry.  I guess they get their rambling tendencies honestly.)

Anyway, here are a few moments from the birthday celebrations that I do hope will make our birthday girl smile, even if the rest of you don’t get it…

Basil lip;  I’m bloated;  Yankee Candle;  5 dice;  Wayne Newton…BANG!;  QEIⅈ  Dolly Parton; the Happy Birthday Song;  taking pictures with Kelly;  I’m sure there are more… I hope some of the other guests will add them to the “Comments” section!

The Cupcakes!

A really good friend would have made sure not to miss a single friend.  I missed a few! Sorry, Jessica, for not getting your picture with ALL of the friends who were able to come! The next picture is one of my favorites from the evening.  We laughed this hard several times during the evening with a few of us being brought to tears as a result (see image above with Jessica and Kelly).  Jennifer C. was laughing at something during our game of “Celebrity” and I feel like her expression sums up the overall feeling of the evening.  I love it!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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