What was I THINKING?!?

Parker is a two-naps-a-day guy.  He LOVES to sleep and still asks to go to bed several times a week.  (Usually I put him down before he asks.)  Today, however, he discovered a new (again) toy just as I was about to put him down. It’s one of those “musta come from Nana” toys that makes way too much noise.

I felt bad putting him to bed with stars in his eyes so I thought, “Weeeeelllll, I’ll give this a try,” and put it in the bed with Parker.

He was perfectly happy and quiet for 30 minutes and I thought that maybe he’d reached the age where he could sleep with some toys.  Nope.  He’s crying.  I’m going to have to go rescue him.

On an entirely different note, Parker outgrew his “Cars” pajamas and I put out an APB for the grandparents to send some.  Friends have stepped in and passed some our way and he got to wear two of them today.  Two, because he got peanut butter and jelly all over the first pair.  I got some cute video of him waking up from his first (more successful) nap and then some video just after lunch when I was putting the second “Cars” shirt on him.

The reason I took this particular video is because I haven’t been able to capture him saying the word, “snuggly” which is my favorite word of his.  It sounds a bit like Connor’s “glug-glug.”  I was able to catch it today!!

Here’s an 8 minute video of Parker… I’m guilty of taking way more video than one probably should.  I won’t apologize.

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