Parker’s walking!!!

The first picture of all 5 of my boys walking together!

At Parker’s 15 month well visit Dr. Springer mentioned that since my little guy wasn’t walking yet that he’d like to have EDIS check him out.  EDIS = Early Determining If Something’s wrong… or something like that.  Anyway, they called to set up his appointment and our schedules didn’t work out until this past week, a few days before Parker turned 17 months old.

To be perfectly honest I was not concerned about his lack of walking.  After 4 kids I was pretty much willing to let him continue crawling as long as he wanted to as that’s just easier.  But I’m also not opposed to letting a Physical Therapist look at him to see if she notices anything alarming.  At the appointment the therapist was very clear in her explanation of what was going on:  Parker’s three main walking skills were perfect:  the back of the brain, which is the center for walking skills; his inner ear; and spatially knowing where his limbs are.  He was impressing her to no end with some of the things he was doing, like turning a heavy push-toy around, backing it up, even his vast vocabulary, etc.  Nothing there concerned her and she said that given those things, she felt that within a month he’d be walking on his own, with no pushing the subject from us.

However, she did notice that he was on his toes 80% of the time.  That was a bit more than he usually is at home, but still, it was more than she was comfortable with.  We love our crib shoes.  You know those soft soled shoes that are little more than the footed pajamas… All the research states that they’re the best thing for baby, and the therapist agrees, with one caveat:  they’re perfect for baby’s feet unless he walks on his tippy-toes.  Then, they’re too light and don’t weigh him down enough to walk flat-footed.  So, they were not good for Parker, at least for now.

She was actually quite pleased that he was a late walker as teaching a non-walker-tippy-toe baby how to walk flat footed is much easier than teaching an already-learned-how-to-balance-on-tippy-toes baby.  Breaking that incorrectly-learned skill can take orthopedic shoes and 6 months, but she felt Parker would be trained much sooner than that.

She told us to purchase some shoes that were heavy, like bulky tennis shoes.  Before I hit up the PX I checked his closet:  THREE PAIRS OF SHOES that were exactly what he needed. And get this… one pair lights up!  He was thrilled!  The therapist said that he had to wear them any time he was at home or going to be practicing walking.  He’s pretty much had them on every waking moment since Wednesday.  I’ve noticed a great improvement as he almost never walks on his tippy toes even when not wearing the shoes.

Well, tonight we had a very fun thing happen.  Our friends Aimee and Kayla have returned from the US and we got to spend some time with them, as well as Cory.  At one point in the evening Parker rounded the corner from the living room (where he had used a piece of furniture to get to standing) and walked into the kitchen.  It took us all by surprise and he walked right over to Cory and gave him a hug.  My hands were skewering shrimp for the grill so I couldn’t get my camera, but I made up for it later.

Parker walked all over the kitchen:  stopping, turning, and kept right on going. We went outside after a while and Parker walked all over the place, and even back and forth from the sidewalk to the grass.  He was even kicking a ball and chasing after it!  That boy started walking and didn’t look back!  We’re so proud of him!

I’m uploading the video now of my sweet guy in action, and I plan to have that up tomorrow.  Until then, Tschuss!  (Oh, and yes, Parker is wearing pjs… he’s worn them all day because we homeschool and that’s how we like it!)

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4 Responses to Parker’s walking!!!

  1. jean hyatt says:

    Congratulations Parker on walking way to go . We are proud of you and love you grannie and grandaddy

  2. Jess says:

    Yay Parker!!! And good for your therapist to notice the toe walking! So many docs think that kids will outgrow it. And when they don’t, its so hard to correct! And can lead to tons of muscle and calf problems.

    • Jennifer says:

      Jessie, that is exactly right. I have had a great respect for PTs and OTs since Bailey’s interaction with them. She spotted his issue and resolved it immediately.

  3. Jess says:

    You had a great resource! Even better that Parker doesn’t even need her!

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