Not the title one would like to use for a post about a date night. Oh well. We’ve had lots of dates I could “title” romantic, quiet, special, thoughtful. I guess it was about time one was called laughable.

It started out just fine. Dropped all 4 boys off at the CDC and headed to the restaurant of Matt’s choice. SushiLEEcious. (I have a hard time saying that name because, honestly, the name makes me think it could be the name of… never mind.) We were lucky to get a table as almost all of them were reserved. The first time I went there I was brave and tried a lot of the raw stuff and found that I still just prefer Kalifornia Rolls and the Krebsfleish. (California rolls and crab meat rolls.) I also found that one of my favorite things on the menu is to put some of their rice on a plate and some of the sauteed mushrooms on top, adding extra mushroom sauce to the rice. YUM!

Because this is the way our relationship works, I do most of the talking, Matt does most of the listening. (That’s why about 30 minutes into our meal Matt was stuffed and I was still going back for more… buffet style restaurant, of course.) Matt and I were talking (read: I was talking) about how babies can master one skill at a time, and Connor had mastered walking while Parker was mastering language skills. At one point I took a sip of my Sprite* just as Matt was recalling a moment earlier that day when Connor had stood in front of one of our fans and turned it on High. Matt motioned his hands to demonstrate how Connor’s hair had flown back as if he were in a wind tunnel and I cracked up. Sprite still in my mouth. I laughed, but kept the Sprite in check. I laughed again, still keeping the Sprite in place. But the third time was the charm. I didn’t even think about it but had no choice. I grabbed my glass and laughed one last time, spitting all of my Sprite back into my glass.

Well, according to Matt, Sprite got all over him, so I was only partially successful. I then tried to regain my composure but Matt was wiping his face, the image of him demonstrating Connor’s hair blowing in the wind, and the fact that I had just spit Sprite all over the place kept me laughing pretty hard.

I was totally taken back to our first encounter when we were 17. Matt’s friend had taken him to my church one Sunday night to meet a friend of mine thinking they might hit it off. She had to go study for the SATs so Matt and his group of friends went out to eat. I knew none of this, and went out with friends to, it just so happens, the same restaurant. While eating I recognized someone on the other side of the room. It was the friend who had brought Matt to Charlotte. I went over there and saw Jonathan, and was introduced to Matt and his other two friends. While standing there I bumped my head into one of those hanging lights that is supposed to be centered over a table. Only problem is that they had moved the tables so this lamp was hanging in a dangerously low position. Yep. I made an impression. A few days later Jonathan called to ask if he could give Matt my number. I couldn’t believe anyone would want my number after I had embarrassed myself so thoroughly, but I told Jonathan that was fine. Matt called me a few days after that and the rest is history!

Back to the restaurant with the less-than-classy sounding name. I didn’t take pictures there because I was too busy eating and laughing. However, I did take a few at the wine fest our town hosts. I hope you enjoy some laughs at my expense as well as the pictures I took at the fest! (Thanks Susie, for the appropriate name for this post!)

Matt's getting creative! He thought of this!

Even in less-than-beautiful weather people flock to the wine fest.

Our favorite wine was Lamm-Jung and they had these pretty candles decorating their tables.

About these two pictures in Polaroid frames… I am fascinated by these mustard udders. After you get your brat und brotchen you hold it up to a mustard udder and squeeze the condiment onto your brat.  Absolutely fascinating…

*I have to give you a bit of a note regarding my Sprite. I gave up all soft drinks 1/1/11 in an effort to be more healthy and lose some weight. After 18 months in Europe I have had enough of ordering plain water in multiple languages and in multiple ways, “no bubbles, ohne gas, taffle water, tap water, plain,” (I would say ALL of that each time in an effort to get water you could get from going to the stinking bathroom, turning on the water, and getting me some water.) It only worked about 10% of the time. The rest of the time I’d get bubbles or the salt-water stuff. Sorry people, I simply can’t drink salt water. GROSS. I finally gave myself permission to just order Sprite when in restaurants as it costs the same as water anyway.

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2 Responses to Laughable

  1. Jess says:

    Brian said asking for “still” water usually got him a bottle of water at a restaurant in his area of Germany 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, it’s always a bottled water, which is fine. There is only one brand I know of, and only ONE of that brand’s varieties, that is plain, regular water but in a glass bottle. I’d just about pay double for them to give me an empty glass and let me go to the bathroom and fill my own glass up! They have NO clue what I’m talking about. So, I’ll drink Sprite, and I don’t even LIKE sprite. (But I don’t like Coke or Dt Coke, either, so I’m really outta luck!)

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