Just outside my window…

You know, I never know whether or not I can start a sentence in my title and continue, midsentence, it the actual blog.  I do not know if that’s acceptable or simply annoying according to blog etiquette.  Well, if I could do that without breaking federal law, I’d complete the title above with:

...is a huge tree that we use to mark the seasons.

But, since the jury’s still out on whether or not it’s permissible to start in the title and continue in the post, I’ll just avoid doing that… for now.

The reason we mark the seasons with this tree is because the boys’ Saxon math book suggests we go outside every season and take a picture of a tree to chart its changes.  We picked the easiest tree and have watched this particular monstrosity change over the past 18 months.

After my last run, which was a slow 3 miles (33:27) I sat down in my chair to catch my breath and realized it has been days since I touched my camera.  I decided to head back outside to take a picture of something “pretty.”  Well, to be honest my neighborhood, while highly functional, is not pretty.  The first thing I saw was ‘our tree’ so I walked over to it and remembered the boys showing me the crazy-sharp fruit.  (That would be “fruit” as in the botanical definition of “the seed-bearing part of the plant,” not necessarily the edible stuff that we consider the antithesis of vegetables.  Thank you Switched-on-Schoolhouse for teaching ME something.)

I got a picture of the whole tree, the prickly “fruit” and as I was walking back in, I decided to capture the image of the little red bugs that are everywhere.  No idea what they are. They seem harmless enough and, for the most part, stay outside where they belong.  I just decided I’d take pictures of what I see just outside my window.

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5 Responses to Just outside my window…

  1. Pam says:

    God’s beautiful creation is everywhere when we stop to look isn’t it??

  2. Jess says:

    I hope its permissible, because I do it all the time!

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