Café Maldaner

Some days I just need girl time. I love my boys but I love being able to enjoy things that are in existence just because they’re pretty.  Meals brought to the table by someone other than myself, dishes cleaned by someone other than my (thankfully) helpful husband, and desserts that are more decadent than should be allowed. Not to mention conversation that is not interrupted by the needs of my children. Oh, just writing all of that makes me kind of want to go back to the restaurant and relive lunch. But, alas, my amazing family needs to go to a few stores to score some 16″ bike tire tubes and a German bike-tire pump.  We have a few German-style bike tubes and our American pump just doesn’t cut it when trying to fill up those tubes.


Wonder if they’d drop me off at Café Maldaner and pick me up later. I doubt it.


Why yes, this was my dessert. It was, by far, the best Chocolate Mousse I've ever tasted!

Heavenly. (The desserts on the left are Latte Macchiato.)

We were both ogling over the desserts and the restaurant. Cameras out in all their glory.

After we enjoyed our meal we walked down the cobblestone street to Butlers.  I’ve been in this store before, but with stroller and 3 additional kids.  While my bigs are pretty good about keeping their hands off of things we’re not buying, I have never been able to browse like I wanted.  Today, however, I looked for as long as I wanted.  Today I got that chance and to top it off, I had my camera in hand!

Look at this table set up… doesn’t it just make you want a beach home?!?

Pretty beach themed table.

And check this out…

Even people across the ocean love the stars and stripes! This was a table display in Butlers. Wonder who they were trying to attract?

After a cup of coffee at Starbucks (we HAD just seen an American-themed table, of course) we headed back home.  The quiet, girl time had to end sometime.  But, I did think about Matt before I passed by the restaurant on the way back to our parking garage…

The treat I brought home for Matt; Latte Macchiato. I will be getting that next time. (I decided he deserved something after letting me get out for a run this morning and for watching the boys while I went to lunch with Jessica.)

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