Pandamania – VBS 2011

This week the boys participated in VBS here in Wiesbaden. This may have been the first year I didn’t have to convince Hayden on Day 1 that he’d have a good time. Usually he is little unsure of going, but after the first day, is excited for the rest of the week. No complaints this time.  Tuesday morning (our first day since we missed Monday due to our trip to Garmisch) Bailey sat down on the couch, put his head in his hands and said, “I had to wait a WHOLE YEAR for this day!” Ha!

I volunteered in the same position I did last year: extra hands in the kitchen. The only difference this year was that Parker was old enough to go to the nursery instead of hanging out with me all day. He loved it and was perfect.  After 4 days of this, however, he was ready to be held. After a good nap in his own bed he woke up just wanting me to hold him. We snuggled for about an hour and I believe we both needed it. I do not know how I’d ever manage going to work every day. (And to be honest, I was hurting, having to get up and out the door every day! This afternoon all I wanted was a nap. While I didn’t indulge, I did skip my run. You non-SAHMs amaze me!)

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