Parker calls Carson what?!?!

He’s mastered “dada” and uses it for me and Matt interchangeably, much to my chagrin. For Hayden he opens his mouth wide and says, “hhhhhhh,” sounding somewhat like the alligators on “Swamp People” when they’ve been baited. For Bailey’s name Parker will occasionally make a “buh” sound, but not normally.

For Carson, he says, “Caca.” Every time. I can be honest with you that I had no idea what “caca” is slang for until Parker started calling his brother this. Basically, it’s the German meaning of poo-poo. Poor Carson. His baby brother adoringly calls him poop.

My sweet Carson. (Blurry picture, but it was too cute to pass up.)

Parker’s other words:
Kayla: lala
Connor: lala
Please: da
Ball: da
Thank you: data (We are teaching him to say “Danke,” so his pronunciation is “dah-tah.”)
Bubble: buhbuh (Not bad!)
Truck: k (Pronounced “kuh.”)
Cracker: caca (Yes, I know. Poo-poo.)

He’s not most talkative 16 month old, and many of his words mean multiple things and you have to determine what he’s referring to based on context clues, but I think he’s about as cute as they come! And one day Carson will learn what caca means and I hope by then he’s old enough to to think it’s endearing. Poor Carsy-pooh! (And one day he’ll think MY nick-names for him are endearing, as well!)

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