Look who’s in the POOL!!!


I am in the room with a sleeping Parker while Matt is in the pool with the boys. Before he got sleepy we walked down and snapped a picture of daddy and the bigs enjoying the water. Hayden was nervous about it but we really wanted him to try to swim. We’ve encouraged him to just rinse off in the locker-room as soon as he gets out of the water.

I would appreciate prayers that he has no adverse reactions. It’s been almost 2 years since he allowed himself into a pool and I would hate for him to experience a reaction after Matt and I told him we really think he’s outgrown it. There’s no way to know if he has unless he’s willing to try. I’m proud of him for being so brave!

Carson wanted me to take his picture while he was under water using his new goggles.

Bailey about lost his shorts. Glad iPhoto has a blur tool!

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