New Shoes = Pain-free running.

I started running 3 years ago this month.  After a couple of weeks of running in several-year-old shoes I was in severe pain.  A trip to the doctor revealed tendonitis and the cure was ice/heat/rest and NEW SHOES!  I went to a local running store where they observed me running on a treadmill.  They determined which shoe would work best for me and I bought them.

When I moved and needed new shoes, I went online and ordered the same shoe, newer model.

And I’ve just received the latest version of the shoe and they feel incredible.  I need to buy 3-4 of these so they don’t sell out or change the model!

Saucony Progrid Triumph 6

Saucony Progrid Triumph 7

Saucony Progrid Triumph 8 - Aren't they PRETTY!?!?!

At the beginning of my running journey, back when we used to share our story via the amazing CaringBridge site, I posted part of my painful journey of starting running.  All I remember is being in so much pain that I could barely breath any time I moved my feet.  I thought I’d never be able to walk normally again!  My poor neighbor, TJ, had to carry my laundry upstairs for me!  It was rough.  Proper shoes are a must.  Never knew how important they are until this experience.

Here’s a trip down memory lane…


Jennifer here…
I want to ask for you to pray for me. I rarely ask for that for myself but I’m at the point where I’d REALLY appreciate it.

I started running a few weeks ago. Week one was TORTURE and I was NOT a happy camper. Week two was heavenly. No pain whatsoever! I was so pleased with the fact that I had run through the pain and was then able to run comfortably and not be in pain the rest of the day. I had never gotten to that point in my life. Week three was the same until Friday, and for some reason, I noticed some pain returning. I just thought it must be normal. I ran through it and hiked through it on Saturday (these Coloradans are HEALTH/EXERCISE FREAKS!! Hopefully it’ll stick on me…). The pain was pretty rough and so I started taking Motrin. Again on Monday I ran through it. Each time I run I’m knocking time off my 3 miles! I’m at the point where I am seeing such progress that it is encouraging. My goal is 3 miles in 30 minutes, thus a 10 minute mile pace consistently. I’m not there yet, but the training program I’m on is working. Monday night I couldn’t resist and I had to do some research. I had not yet targeted exactly where the pain was until I went to do some research. It is located on the insides of my shins, and it really is getting worse. I biked yesterday and will today, and that keeps the pain from getting worse, but I do have an appointment today to make sure I don’t have hairline fractures. Basically I think I have shin splints, and my neighbor, a seasoned runner, thinks there might be fractures.

Here’s my prayer request (since I can’t say anything fast…)

1. That the pain stops.
2. That I don’t regress in my run times.
3. That I don’t give up and that when I can, I resume my training as if I never stopped. I’m terrified that if I lose momentum I’ll never get back going…


So, Jennifer here again…
I went to the dr. yesterday for my legs and she determined my self-diagnosis is wrong. That is a praise! However, I do have tendonitis right above my inside ankles, worse on the right leg.

This is one of those things that will heal in time and with exercise, so I was excited to get back out there and try again today.

This was the first time I decided to take Hayden and Carson with me, since the dr said I had to go back to running 3 minutes, walking 3, until the pain is gone. I figured we could do this together. (Bailey had no intentions of going so he took his breakfast to TJ’s.)

About 5 minutes into the walk I decided to give running a shot…OH MY GOSH! The pain! I didn’t try that again. 5 more minutes into it Hayden’s bike died. Literally. I had to carry the back wheel off the ground because it wouldn’t rotate, and he steered it home. Maybe this was God’s way of making me rest.

While I’m not happy this hurts, I am at least glad there are no fractures. Doc said tendonitis heals faster than shin splints!

So, thanks for your prayers and please continue to do so! For now, ice and heat 3 times a day, 800 mg Motrin 3 times a day.

SATURDAY, JULY 12, 2008 

Well, I’ve hit a low point. This is hard to write about because I don’t like to write about my shortcomings. I am also very much a “glass-half-full” kind of person. Tonight I don’t even have a glass. I am very sad and there are several things causing me to be this way.

The first thing I think is a DRASTIC drop in my physical activity. I need to exercise (who doesn’t) but can’t because my foot (ankle, tendon, whatever) hurts so badly. Yes, it is improving, but slowly. I am terrified of the first time I try to get back out there. I dread it because I’m worried this might flare back up again. I’m sure this is a huge factor in my current mood,

SATURDAY, JULY 12, 2008 
I’ve been SUPER careful with my hurt foot. (Actually tendons…) Two days ago a friend dropped by with an ankle brace. That day the pain level dropped from 8 to 6 (out of 10). Yesterday the pain level dropped to 4. Today it’s about a 3…not quite ready to run again, but I might take the boys on a walk later. I’m off the strong stuff..only taking Motrin now!

FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2008 
As far as my running, I started back and all is going very well! Except that I now have a cold and can hardly breathe normally when resting, so I won’t run until I am totally better. I do have a goal: A 5K in November. (Please don’t laugh all you marathon runners! I’m NOT a runner and I’m trying this out! Don’t discourage me!!)

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