Printer Friendly.

Two of my favorite words when I’m searching for delish recipes online.  Oh, how I hate to find a recipe only to find it in a format that makes me have to do extra work to print it out. Seriously, I went through the trouble of googling the recipe, and I plan on going through the effort of actually making this meal.  Do I really need to have to struggle with the text on the website you posted your recipe in order to get it to come out of my printer onto white paper?

Okay, you do know I’m being facetious here, right?  Back in the good ‘ole days people actually had to copy recipes from friends, and I don’t mean on the church’s mammoth-sized copier either.  I mean, with a pen and an index card.  So I shouldn’t really complain about having to copy/paste info from a website into a Word document, and then press “Print.”  (And I print from an intelligent computer that will wirelessly print to the printer on the other side of the room so I really have no room to complain.)  This frustration, if it can be called that, maybe mild-inconvience is better…   This mild-inconvenience urged me to search for my very own “Printer Friendly” button for my own page.

What made me decide to do that? Well, it was the awesome recipe I made for lunch today, thanks for asking!  I made Frikadelle and I took lots of pictures (sub standard compared to Pioneer Woman, but it’ll do).  I have a feeling some of you are going to attempt this recipe, especially Evelyn, who got a tiny taste of it while I was cooking.  I assure you, I am not bragging on my cooking skill, but the wonderfulness of Frikadelle.  Yes, I just used a nonsensical word.

Another reason I decided to add a printer-friendly button is because my mom often prints out my posts for my grandfather who has no need for a computer.  He lives in a gorgeous home with about 75 other people his age.  Not assisted living, but a Residential Retirement home.  Like being on vacation every day. He has no need for a computer, but mom keeps him up-to-date with the Hamricks via my printed-out posts.  So, mom, try this out:

Look at the bottom of this post (not necessarily at the bottom of the page) but just at the bottom of this post.

You’ll see the words: “Share This”  and next to it will be a button with a blue cross and the word “Share.”  Click on that button.

Press that button and several options will pop up.  Select the one that says, “Print and PDF.”

It will take you to another website that will alter my blog a little and let you choose whether you want the words large or small and whether or not you want the pictures printed.  You can delete individual paragraphs if you’d like.  MUCH EASIER!!

What "PrintFriendly" would look like if you were printing my Ice Cream Cake recipe.

Really, this is way too exciting for me.  I should not be quite this thrilled about this but I am.  For you fellow bloggers, if you want your own button, go to PrintFriendly to get your own!

I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!

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