Parker Montage (Jan-May 2011)

I leave my video camera out all the time so that when someone does something cute I can catch it. Sometimes I end up with cute things, sometimes no one but me would ever want to see it. Occasionally I get cute clips of things the boys are doing. This past year the camera has been mostly focused on Parker. Some of the clips are important enough to warrant their own movie. Others, like the ones in this montage, are not. However, I did want to put them to use, to share them with the grandparents, and to preserve them for myself, editing out the bulk of the less-interesting minutes. (And the occasional clip of me fussing at a big brother for something. Pull out the camera and you’d think they have no manners! I’m thankful we don’t have a TV crew in our home like the Duggars!) So, the attached video is a 9 minute recap of some of the cute things Parker has done in the past 7 months. In previous posts with attached video, I warn you that the video will likely only be interesting to grandparents, and this one is no different.

For those who have 9 minutes to spare, enjoy! For the rest of you, no hard feelings. I promise. (I won’t even know you didn’t watch it.)

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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