Date weekly, or at least monthly.

In our vows we were challenged by one of the two officiating ministers to, “dialogue daily, date weekly, and depart monthly.” We are supposed to talk every day, go on a date once a week, and go out of town on a little get-away once a month. Our finances allow us to do the first just fine. We had to adjust the other two a bit. We date monthly and depart yearly. We look forward to the day when we can finally date weekly and depart monthly, but wouldn’t change anything for now. We love our life and don’t want to hurry anything. Matt asked me last night if we had the chance to go back to the states early if I would want to. Nope. I want to savor this season. It’s the first season we’ve had no debt, 4 boys, a great chapel, wonderful friends, and no deployment, all at the same time. Nope. I don’t want to go back early. (For friends and family who may be curious, we are not being offered an early return, it’s just something we military people are faced with from time to time and it’s good to have constant communication about what we want so that if/when opportunities ARE offered, Matt will already know what I want. It doesn’t always matter what I want, but we like to stay on the same page. Remember? Dialogue daily.)

On our date last night we went to a beautiful restaurant I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying twice before. The food was delicious, but over priced and the waitress was not great. Because of that, we will not go back. She was the first rude waitress we’ve had in Europe and so there’s no reason to go back to a place with less-than-stellar service. But the food was great and I’m actually going to try to recreate the New York Steak Sandwich. YUM!

I ordered New York Steak Sandwich - no one said it was HUGE! I shared with Matt. (Just so you know, Matt metered this photograph in manual mode!)

Matt ordered Roasted Chicken - no one said it was a mini-meal.

View of the Rhein from our table. Remember the beer fest I wrote about? It was just on the other side... you can see where it was from this window.

In the room we were eating in.

Old candelabra.

Curious what this picture is referring to.

After a tasty dinner we headed to our favorite late-night coffee shop, the bowling alley. (No one ever told German cafés that visiting Americans like to have coffee after dinner and they all close at 7:00 p.m..  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for our bowling alley as they make good drinks and are open late!)  Though I like that they serve coffee, they don’t offer a quiet place to enjoy it, so we headed to our neighborhood spot that overlooks the city.

Oh, the wheat fields! (Taken from the top of my neighborhood... Sonnenstrasse.)

Sunset with my love.

So relaxing and so quiet.

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