Paying it forward…

When we first arrived in Wiesbaden the receptionist at the front desk of our hotel told us we had a package. We were shocked, as we knew very few people here. They handed me a huge bag filled to the brim with goodies. In addition to that bag were some additional treats a fellow Chaplain’s wife had dropped off. We were given things like NutriGrain bars, juice boxes, pop tarts, etc. Having just gotten off the plane with 45 pieces of luggage (not that many, but you know what I mean), I had no desire to go hunt for anything to feed the boys. I was so thankful for those goodies left for me by thoughtful people.

Lots of luggage!

So, when I heard some fellow 4-10 CAV peeps were arriving in Wiesbaden today I couldn’t resist the temptation to go downtown with my T.J. bag in hand. (For those who don’t know, T.J. is a jack-of-all-trades kind of Army Wife. She made me 20-30 heavy-duty grocery bags to keep me from having to use plastic “wal-mart” bags at the grocery store. These bags are amazing!! And quite handy, too, as German stores don’t provide you with shopping bags. It only takes you one time at Rewe to check out 20 items crammed in the bottom of your stroller to remember your T.J. bags next time.) My main goal downtown was the “Wiesbaden” Starbucks Mug. How cute?!? Must say, I was excited about that gift. Sadly the first Starbucks I entered didn’t have anymore.  The clerk called the nearest one, they had them in stock so the boys and I walked to the Karstadt to retrieve the treasure. Downtown is so fun and ours is such a pleasure to stroll through. We stopped for a few more items.

Here is what we got:
1. 6 Erdinger beers (Matt’s suggestion)
2. A menu to our favorite Italian restaurant, Vapiano.
3. Our favorite Rittersport chocolate… Carolina blue, baby!
4. Happy Hippos. If you haven’t had these, you are missing out!
5. The new-fangled instant coffee from Starbucks and some French Vanilla creamers (inside the mug in the yellow gift bag)
6. Flowers. Who doesn’t like flowers!?!
7. Pretzels from our favorite backerei (not pictured)
8. Doughnut balls covered in sugar from the same place (not pictured)


My plan was to drop them off in their hotel room before they checked in, leave the goodies and a note, and sneak away unnoticed. That would have worked out just fine if they had arrived when everyone else tends to arrive: 1130! Nope. They arrived at 0730 so when I got there, THEY WERE ALREADY THERE!!

I got everything displayed all pretty and then called my friend to meet me in the lobby. It was nice to see her and I do hope she’ll feel comfortable asking me for anything she needs as she gets settled in. She’s the kind of person, who, within 3 months, will probably be more at ease here and know more about the area than I do and I’ll be asking HER for tips! Hooah Army Wife!!

So, welcome to Wiesbaden, “B” family! We are glad you are here!!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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