But I don’t like beer…

So how’d I end up at a beer fest? Well, I live in Germany, the land of strong brew.

It was very last minute, meaning, I found out about it as we were walking to the car after church.   I totally expected some Taco Bell, as we normally eat at the PX food court after church. We headed to Mainz and parked right by the main strip (and that parking only cost us 10.50€, or about $15… gasp). The food at fests is amazing. I took a really good picture of my Frikadelle only to accidentally delete it while sitting at the table. Matt ate a steak on bread and the boys had pretzels topped with cheese and ham. We also enjoyed ice cream and donut-pretzels. And popcorn. And I had this amazingly tasty treat… Um. YUM!

Those are floating strawberries. YUM!

Trying to ignore the fact that the very next morning I had to drop her off at the airport. She'll be gone a month. (As I type this, she's somewhere over the US closing in on a 10 hour flight. With a baby. And her husband is here in Germany still working, to join them later this week. You can say a prayer for her if you want!)

Her husband liked his tiny beer. For those who have never experienced this type of fest, they serve these small ones so you can get several different kinds. Too bad I just don't like beer.

Two of my sweethearts.

A lot of our friends ended up coming, though we know a few had already made it to the PX and started lunch. Maybe the next fest we'll take up 4 tables instead of 3!

"Can we read, please?"


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5 Responses to But I don’t like beer…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh how I miss German fests and the beer! Mainz Beer Fest was our favorite. Don’t tell the authorities, but we even let Declan taste the apple beer.

    • Jennifer says:

      I didn’t try any apple beer, but I did try a blonde something or other and a cherry beer…it sort of reminded me of cough syrup. My favorite, by far, was the strawberry sangria. I tried one that tasted like bubble bath and really hated that. There was one at the very end that was a wheat beer. All my friends are trying to find a beer I like and the very last one I tasted was a wheat. I think I may have been able to finish a whole glass of that, but we were leaving at that time. I’m fortunate I have friends who let me taste theirs so I can see what I like and don’t like without buying dozens of testers! 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    the beer was brian’s favorite part of about germany!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Like I wrote to Rebecca, I think my friends are bound and determined to find a beer that I’ll like. So far I prefer something super-sweet and a good old bottle of plain water (which we have to bring with us because no one has just regular water… it’s all mineral and sparkling).

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