Heidelberg Reunion

I endured a 15 month deployment by the grace of God. The boys and I actually did very well and thrived during that time, not willing to just survive. By “grace of God” I mean that He provided for us in ways I could never fully list. But for the purposes of this particular post, I’m referring to the friends He sent me.   I was blessed with the most amazing battle-buddies.

One of those friends PCSed to Germany just two weeks ago! I was thrilled to pick her up at the airport and deliver her safely to her hotel in a city about 2 hours from here. Our husbands were great friends in Colorado and Iraq, though they rarely saw each other in theater. When Hollie and her husband landed in Frankfurt, Matt was just sleeping off jet-lag in North Carolina, therefore he didn’t get to welcome them to Germany.

After giving them a week to adjust to the time change and to get their vehicle, we scheduled a time to get together.  We picked a meeting place in a city that is close to half-way, Heidelberg. A restaurant near the main shopping district has great Flammkucken, though I’m not 100% sure our new arrivals enjoyed it as much as we did.

Matt got one with "Rocketsalat" on it. I opted for no Rocketsalat.

From a square in the town you can see the ruins of the castle up against the "newer" buildings (which, though "new," are probably much than America).

Isn't she lovely?!?

Apotheke - Pharmacy.

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3 Responses to Heidelberg Reunion

  1. Christie says:

    She is lovely! I’m so glad you guys got to spend some time together. I was secretly hoping for a belly picture though…:)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have heard it officially from Hollie: They did like the Flammkuchen! YEAH!!

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