This restaurant was an old train station. So neat!

XL translates well. Extra Large. Wonder what XXXXXL means?

It means big. R-E-A-L-L-Y B-I-G!! (This plate was the Full Schnitzel. It fed all 4 boys with about half left over.)

Look closely. You can see that each piece of meat is about the size of the plate. There were TWO of those on this plate!

We went to this restaurant in honor of Ray and Candace Vickery. Matt was so happy to perform their wedding Saturday in North Carolina and very proud of who they have become. Since the boys and I didn’t get to go celebrate with them, Matt took our family out to dinner in honor of the newly married couple. I was thrilled about a night sans cooking! Matt and I had been here once before but the boys had never seen anything like this. If you want to see other pictures from its sister restaurant, you can look here.

We enjoyed our dinner immensely and then hit the commissary for ice cream!

Congratulations, Ray and Candace. May God bless your marriage as He has blessed ours! May you two always be the best of friends and have the best communication. May your love for one another grow to become XXXXXL! You are such precious people and we pray oodles of blessings on you: relational, financial, and eventually the piddle-paddle of little feet.

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