Mud bath

After our trip to the castle we headed straight to the lake. The weather was perfect for sitting by the water watching two cuties crawl around. I am still so tickled by the fact that Connor will NOT crawl off the blanket. I have to keep Parker from going to others’ blankets and stealing their toys and balls, or crawling into the lake, but Connor just sits. At one point he wanted to get to his mommy and her foot was touching the blanket. He was pretty much accomplishing a tight-rope act to get to her without touching the grass. Hilarious!

Jessica and I also loved the time Connor meticulously placed Cheerios on Parker’s head and in his ear. Parker just sat there, not quite sure what to think, as both of the adults in charge were just watching, laughing, and taking pictures of the events:

At one point I noticed that Parker, who was over to my left, had gotten quiet. Even at 15 (almost 16) months he knows how to get quiet when he’s doing something he doesn’t think he’s supposed to be doing. (Once, when I noticed this eerie lack of noise coming from the other room, I walked in to find him drawing on himself and the wall with a marker. Fortunately the marker was completely dried out and he had done no damage, but the second he saw me he stuck the marker out at me as if to say, “HERE MOM! Look what I found! I was about to bring it to you!!”) Back to the lake… I glanced down and found that he had discovered a tiny puddle of water which he promptly turned into mud:

This is the look he gave me when he saw that I had discovered him enjoying the mud.

And then he went right back to playing.

I couldn't resist this opportunity to take mud pictures so I got down on his level and shot through the high grasses.

He was having the best time! Notice how he's getting more and more muddy.

Using a spoon as a shovel.

This shot really shows that mud was everywhere.

"What? Don't you want to play, too?"

Just one bite... (Tell me you saw that coming.)


The water was still pretty cold (18℃ which is 64℉) but it was the easiest way to get him clean.  I stripped him down to his diaper and onesie and washed him off in the lake.  He laughed SO HARD I couldn’t resist taking him back to our blanket and dressing him in his bathing suit.  I let him play in the water until I noticed his lips turning blue.  Poor guy!  At least he was cleaner after the lake-bath than he was before.

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