Kurfürstliche Burg

Remember that summer reading program, “A Midsummer Knight’s Read” I mentioned here?  Well, today they took the kids to a real castle for a field trip.  It was one of the few times my kids have ever ridden on a bus without me.  At first Hayden was a bit nervous but he ended up fine and all three enjoyed the field trip.

I was running behind this morning because I was cutting this for shish kebabs:

So good. Marinated in Italian dressing all day... so yummy!

Matt dropped them off at the library and I intended to meet them at the castle.  I did this, only problem was that they had already completed the tour when I arrived.  I scooped up the bigs and had them give me a mini-tour so I could get a few pictures.

This was the Kurfürstliche Burg and is situated on the Rhein river.

View from the wall of the castle.

Carson on the bridge-thing. I wish I had made it in time to hear about the castle. It's in a nearby town so we'll have to go back.

View from where Carson was standing. It used to be the moat, but they had water leakage and decided to turn it into beautiful gardens. (Info regarding this moat is coming from three rambunctious boys... I can't say I've researched to determine the validity of said information.)

The well and my three jesters. The library provided these fun hats.

Leaving the castle we passed these houses. So traditional and adorable. I want to eat one because they all look like cakes to me!

Another cute house.

The same house, but the view of the side, showing the next two houses as well. Absolutely adorable street!

This car was coming out of its parking area. I think it looks so strange up against the old-German style buildings. The driver had to turn the car off (in the middle of the street), get out, close the gate, and then get back in the car. Tedious! And while there are no other cars coming, this is quite a busy street and I was impressed she timed it so that no other cars were waiting on her.

After we left the castle we headed to the lake.  (Yes, again.  10-punch-pass, baby!)  Let me leave you with the following teaser:  Parker, a spoon, and some mud.

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4 Responses to Kurfürstliche Burg

  1. eje1970 says:

    Is that in Eltville? It looks sooooo familiar!

    • Jennifer says:

      Why yes, it IS in Eltville! If I’m not mistaken, you are quite familiar with that quaint little town!! 🙂

      • eje1970 says:

        I am familiar with that little town! Can’t wait to see it again! Can’t wait to see all of our friends again! I am loving your blog this summer! The pics are awesome!

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