He’s BACK!!

Okay, as several of my friends have husbands returning from deployments around this time, I say, “he’s back” with a bit of hesitation.  I’m thrilled Matt is back from his 1 week trip to the states and today has been fantastic, but I also am MORE thrilled for the reunions taking place after many months apart.

We picked Matt up at the airport at around 7:15 and headed home to let him unpack and to let the boys eat breakfast.  When the rest of the world woke up we went to check the mail and send off a few packages, including my shoes which have been killing me.  (I ordered new running shoes thinking I was getting as close to the same shoe as possible.  After consulting with my runner-friends I was convinced I had the wrong shoe.  I emailed the company and they figured out the problem.  My original shoes that I was fitted for are a high arch.  The new ones were for a medium arch, meaning less support.  Road Runner Sports has great service and when you join their membership for $1.99 you: Save 10% on everything • FREE Shipping • 90-Day Wear ’em & Love ’em Guarantee.  I didn’t “love ’em” so I sent them back, and the return shipping was already covered! The packing slip had a sticker with all the addresses needed and the “No Postage Necessary” barcode.  If I could do a positive ICE comment, I would.  (If you’re military, you’ll get that.)  Rabbit trail… sorry.

We bought a few pool noodles for the lake and headed out.  The air temps were much warmer, the water temps, not so much.  That didn’t stop all 5 of my boys from spending a lot of time in the water, though.  Matt and the bigs headed out to the floating playground while Parker played at the water’s edge.

"I will go to the lake, but only if you fix my hair like this..."

Matt had slept very little on the overnight flight and so I let him get a couple of hours of sleep.  Parker took a nap in his stroller and the bigs played in the sand and the shallow water for the rest of the afternoon.  Here’s Hayden checking the time… “How much longer is dad going to sleep?!?”

Bailey said the funniest thing about Matt’s tattoo today!  “Dad, is that a forever tattoo?” Upon hearing that it is he says, “Well, you COULD cut off your arm or cut your skin off or something but you probably don’t want to do that.”

Matt got this tattoo on his bicep during R&R October ’08.  It says “OIF 07-09” representing his Operation Iraqi Freedom tour.  The Greek letters spell “Warrior Priest,” which is God’s name for Matt.  Matt has told the boys that they can get a tattoo when they’re 31 and have been to war and back, and he wants to go with them.

We got home and ate a quick dinner before playing a few phases of Phase 10.  THEN, a friend sat with the boys so Matt and I could go for a run.  My stats today were:  4 miles in 41 minutes with only 45 seconds of walking right at the 3.5 mile mark.  Matt’s would be different as he never walked and he did 4.5 miles, I believe.  (We have a deal… if I have to walk, he keeps running until he’s hit his goal and then he turns around for me.  It’s awesome in the fields because we can still see each other once we separate!)  I have to say, I’m thrilled about the shirt I was wearing.  SO excited, in fact, that I had Matt take my pic after the run and post it on FB.  The reason wearing this shirt is so awesome is because it was my guarding shirt during my freshman year.  I haven’t worn it in years, and then after I had babies I couldn’t fit in it anymore.  I kept it around for sentimental purposes.  Partly as a way to remember my college years, and partly as a goal… to one day be fit again. Instead of motivating me, it’s basically mocked me as I moved from one home to another, always being stuck in the bottom of the same drawer, only being seen when I run out of clean clothes.  Today, when that moment occurred, I grabbed it and put it on!  IT FIT!! WHOO-HOO!!  So, for those out there who think goals are unattainable, guess what?!? THEY’RE NOT!

I like these words of wisdom I heard on the Dave Ramsey podcast:  All true success requires discipline.  All discipline is uncomfortable but leads to positive results.  This can be related to financial success:  if you want true success, you must sacrifice in order to achieve it.  Most people who win the lottery end up broke a few years later.  Most NFL players waste their millions.  But the people who work hard for their money and sacrifice to save tend to pass an inheritance on to their children.  Applied to weight loss or other health-related goals, the sacrifice is not fun (saying “NO” to that extra Andes Mint cookie or running on a day after only 4 hours of sleep).  But the results are long lasting and fun.

I have many friends who are just starting their “running careers.”  It’s worth it! KEEP IT UP!!  Now, please hold me accountable when I start to get lazy.  I’m not at my goal weight yet.  I have a few more pounds to lose and a few more miles to run.  

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3 Responses to He’s BACK!!

  1. Pam says:

    You look great!! Hope Matt gave you the hug I told him to give to you:) I have been doing weight watchers and I have lost 12.6 pounds! Only about 30 more to go!

    • Jennifer says:

      I got my hug and WAY TO GO on WW! I’m doing that as well, and have lost 27 (up 2 after the 4th festivities… but not giving up!). I have another 15 I want to go! YOU GOT THIS!

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