4th of July, 2011

Today as I sat by the pool and watched our friends and the boys play together I had some great memories come to mind. Let me pause here and show you a picture of my pool and just what my view was, because that phrase, “sat by the pool” may have you thinking of something really fancy:

Owen playing a pretend shooting game while a baseball game was being played in the background.

See? You were thinking I was sitting by a gorgeous, olympic sized pool with lifeguards to babysit my kids while I had an umbrella drink in hand, weren’t you?!?

Okay, most of you know me better than that. And you know of the chlorine-sensitivies Hayden has which keep me from sitting by pools in that manner.

Anyway, after eating way too much food at lunch and enjoying a few games (Catch Phrase and Celebrity) we decided to slice the watermelon and head outside. This departure was a direct result of the boys (the kid boys) wanting to get outside with the men (the big boys) to play a game of beach volleyball. Parker’s pool was set up and so there was all sorts of activity around/in the pool. The goal of one game was to get the frisbee IN the pool. The time outside was fabulous and the weather was perfect. Only annoyance was gnats.

I relaxed with Parker who sat in his stroller while we watched the bigs play. I TOTALLY enjoyed eating watermelon sprinkled with salt… not everyone does this, I discovered. In fact, I was the only one. I thought they were odd. They probably thought I was odd.

Parks chillaxin'

While savoring my watermelon/salt treat I had flashbacks of years gone by, sitting by my Granny and Grandaddy’s pool (a real pool, not a plastic puddle) eating watermelon with my family, passing salt shakers around. SEE!?!? I’m not the odd one! When we were done with the watermelon mom would send us back into the pool to get unsticky. LOVED that. No handwashing. No “don’t forget to use soap.” Just jump in and you’re clean!!

The other day my aunt posted a picture of the family at Granny and Grandaddy’s pool. One look at the metal chairs and I could hear the sound of them scraping the concrete as we dragged them into the sun. It seemed as if we had to chase the sun. There were valuable shade trees all around the property and in order to get a tan you have to follow the sun as it moved across the pool. Those were precious memories of my growing-up years that I treasure.

The pool I was raised in. There is NO better way to spend ones summers than to play in the pool all day! LOVE pools! (Especially since I really don't like to get in water with fish. Gross.) Oh, and see that chair on the far right? The one with the blue flowers? I can still feel how hot it would get when it baked in the sun. I can feel my skin sticking to it as I got up to go jump back in the water. I can still smell the plastic as the sun cooked it. Those chairs have held up pretty well for them to still be in use!

Thinking back on Independence Days of years ago I remembered 4th of July at South Port (Long Beach, NC); getting prickleys stuck in my feet at the beach; learning to drive a straight drive at that beach (thanks, Granny!)… Good times.

I saw a little boy riding his bike around in the parking lot behind our chapel yesterday and I was immediately taken back to the parking lot across from Granny and Grandaddy’s house. I learned to ride something there, though I don’t think it was a bike. It was something low to the ground and I had to hold the handles and twist them back and forth… I don’t know. Hard to describe. Anyway, though I only remember it vaguely, the memory provokes warm fuzzies. As I watched that little boy ride around I thought to myself: “25 years from now that kid will be my age and he will see a kid riding his bike and be taken right back to this moment…” I wonder which moments my boys will flash back to as they become adults. Which warm-fuzzies will they have? I mess up more than I admit. I mess up more than I would like to admit to myself. But I do pray that when Hayden, Carson, Bailey, and Parker are grown they will have more warm memories than anything else. Days like today are bound to add to their memory-file-box of warm fuzzy days. It’s a shame Matt wasn’t able to be here for this 4th of July but we were blessed with friends around us the entire day. And, on top of that, the men stepped up played baseball, volleyball, as well as rough-housed with them (see the proof in the picture below).

Jennifer was cracking up about something completely unrelated to the reason I was taking this picture. I wanted to get a shot of Adam wet from the balloon fight. I also wanted to get a picture of the damage Zak endured, though I refrained, as it looked a bit like he had had an accident. I'll leave it at that.

I always wanted twins. I guess I'll settle for playing with these two darlings.

I enjoyed today immensely and am thankful for the opportunity to share the nation’s birthday with fellow Americans. I’m also thankful that when I checked on Matt’s flight it had left on time and is on its way!! When I wake up it’ll be time to pick him up at the airport!!!

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