A Midsummer Knight’s Read.

I have always loved reading. I remember the day I met my best friend in 3rd grade. Mom had kicked me outside, taking a book out of my hand and saying, “You’ve GOT to get outside and play!” What kind of mom says that?!? My mom. And now me.

Turns out that day I saw a group of girls about my age pulling a little girl in a wagon around the circle at the end of my street. They were relatively new in the neighborhood and the oldest, a mere 3 months younger than me, became my best friend for my growing-up years.  While I was disappointed mom made me stop reading, it was the best thing she could have done that day!

I LOVED to read as a kid and still do. Matt, on the other hand, didn’t like reading until college. But our boys don’t have a chance! They see us read and they see our love for books. We spend a lot of time in the library and borrow a lot of books. Because we go through them so quickly, it’s the only way to do it. We’d never be able to afford their books!  The older two have been picking dozens of books each visit for a couple of years.  Bailey, being a beginner reader, usually picks one or two  (while I select a dozen or so for him). Yesterday was a breakthrough for him.  On his own he picked out ALL the Curious George books and filled our basket!  I was THRILLED, though I suspect anyone who goes to the library looking for books about a monkey getting in all sorts of trouble who lives with a man with no name will be less thrilled.

The summer reading program at our library has proven to be fun. Yesterday the boys painted the dragons they had created the previous week all in the theme of “A Midsummer Knight’s Read.”

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5 Responses to A Midsummer Knight’s Read.

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    What a sweet story! See? Mom’s know best, don’t they. Thank God for wonderful mom’s like your mom, Jen. And, you are the epitome of a great mom, too!!! The boys look precious, drawing their pictures. They look so deep into their subject!~ Good for them.

    Love ya’ll.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yep, she knew! That friend and I grew up and even went to college for a year together and are still in contact with each other. What a gift that was, for her to take a book out of my hands and kick me outside!

  2. Jess says:

    Jaina’s still not a reader (we have to pretty much force her to do her reading homework during the school year) and has never just picked up a book to read for enjoyment on her own. Its killing me! You know how much I like to read! Her teachers keep saying, “She’ll get there!” but I have to admit I am worried 😦

    • Jennifer says:

      SHe likely will, but I am not above “encouraging” kids to read. (Some call it bribing.) My dad once paid me $100 to read “The Magic of Thinking Big.” I am not necessarily suggesting this book, per se, but you could say, “If you read 10 Magic Tree House books (or whatever kind of book you think she’d be interested in) you could reward her in whatever way she likes to be rewarded… money, dinner out, whatever. Just has to be something she can’t usually get without effort. (If you eat dinner out every night, then that one won’t work…) 🙂

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