A Gremlin-free day.

Today was the antithesis of yesterday.  Yesterday it seemed as if NOTHING went right. Today, almost everything did.

From the moment I woke up until now, the moment I sit here in my quiet house with all 4 boys safe and sound in their rooms… it was a good day.  Probably because so many people prayed for me!  No joke!  I have lots of praying friends and I do believe in the power of prayer!  Well, really, I believe in the GOD who answers prayer… but let’s not get technical.

So about the iPod… well, let me back up.  Last night I set two alarms.  One for 6:00 a.m. and another for 7:00.  I made sure that they were set and on, but forgot to double-check the volume of the ringer on my phone.  Come morning, both alarms went off as I asked them to, but no sound came from the phone leaving me happily sleeping away.  So, at 8:00 I have an 10 year old crawl on top of my bed, hug me, and say, “You’d better get up.  Don’t we need to leave soon?”  And while I was trying to figure out what day it was and what time we had to be somewhere, I realized Hayden was still talking.  He was saying in the sweetest voice, “You know… I got those red ear buds from England when we went on the double-decker bus so Bailey really doesn’t have to buy me a new pair.”  His sweet smile and the vibes he was giving me combined in such a way that made this particular wake-up pleasant and humbling.

And while didn’t say so, he was getting the point across that he was not mad at Bailey or even frustrated at him.  Have you ever had a kid who wanted you to be in a good mood so he could get something from you?  He wanted to make sure you woke up happy, brought you your coffee and a bagel, handed you the paper and cleaned the kitchen, only to come to you later and ask for something?  Well, that was the way Hayden was acting (though without doing any of those things) yet he never asked for anything.  I think he genuinely wanted me to know that he was cool with Bailey’s mistake.  Could it be that he’s growing up?  Could it be that he was able to imagine himself in Bailey’s situation?  I remember once when my brother got in serious trouble (legitimately… he had done something wrong) and I, for the first time, really felt bad for him.  I wished I could make his punishment lesser.  I wished I could split it with him.  I think this is how Hayden was feeling today.

That was a nice way to wake up.  And the day continued like that.

We had a great time at the library’s summer reading program.  We got a free parking spot at the airport.  My friends arrived safely and I got to see both of them before jetting the wife off to her new home town.  We had safe travels to Ansbach and the GPS coordinates the hotel gave me worked perfectly.  The bigs all sat on the back row of the van and barely spoke the whole way giving me 2+ hours to catch up with my friend.  (Loved the MacBook and a few library movies as entertainment.)  The dog was calm and didn’t freak Parker out.  (I think someone just gasped.  Yes, I let a dog ride in my car.  For 2 hours.  It probably won’t happen again, but there were two reasons I agreed to this.  1.  My friend is awesome and I would do ’bout anything to get to see her and 2.  She had a shock collar on the dog.  No, just kidding…  #2 is because the dog is a sweet dog and well behaved.  (There was a shock collar but I don’t recall it being used.  I tried to sneak it home with me to see if it would work on the boys but I never got a chance to be alone with the collar.)

The ride home was smooth and the boys were amazing.  Just as I was telling my boys that we should thank the Lord for answering our prayers for safety a Wiesbaden friend called me to see if we were safe.  Looks like we were covered in prayer from multiple angles.

We enjoyed a few hours of family-minus-dad time before everyone headed to bed, of their own choosing.  And now I’m getting to write and mess with video and pictures… three of my favorite past times!

So, now I want to post some fun pictures and a video of Parker playing with the water hose yesterday.  He cracked me UP laughing so hard!  I think anyone, not just grandparents, will like this video (referring to content, not quality or skill in its development), but I’m partial!!

I know it's blurry but this picture shows exactly what Parker was feeling!

Funny things to watch for:  
When Parker accidentally squirts the water on his head he makes the cutest faces and laughs hysterically!  (I think my favorite part is 45 seconds into it!)
When Parker is saying “da” he’s saying “ball.”
Around 1:52 Carson starts posing as if I’m taking still photos!  He’s a ham!  
Parker’s lips get bluer and bluer as the video progresses.  He was out there at least 30 minutes!

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