Gremlins, HE’S NOT DEPLOYED!!!!!

So leave us alone, please!

Yes, it’s been that kind of day.  First, we never like to see Matt leave, even if it’s only for a week.  Secondly, it’s sad we can’t go, especially since he’s going to the wedding of dear friends of ours, Candace and Ray.  (I snooped on her FB to see if I could find a really old picture of her but no luck.  Had to find one from Dec 2006 on my Shutterfly account…)

Hate we all can’t be there to celebrate this precious day, but glad we were able to send Matt there to perform the wedding!
So, to list a few of the deployment Matt’s-gone-to-do-a-wedding gremlins and give you a good laugh, here goes:

  • We woke up so early (for summer) to take Matt to the airport and then the boys were ready for lunch at 10:30.
  • They ate lunch at 10:30.  They started “nap” at 11:00. (Doesn’t sound too bad yet, does it?)
  • I mopped the floor with a stone scraper* in hand to get those bits that wouldn’t come up with water and the mop.  (I debated going out to eat for the next week so that the white tile floor would stay clean until Matt got home.)
  • They got up from “nap” at 2:00.  Hungry.  FOR DINNER!  (I said “No snacks,” so the floors would stay clean… at least for a few hours longer.)
  • I called Anna around this time totally expecting my boys to be normal and play like they always do.  Outside.  Inside.  Basement.  I didn’t care.  Nope.  They fought and annoyed each other, interrupting me over a dozen times while I was on the phone. (Bailey at least 8 times to see if he could eat dinner.)
  • While I was on the phone and they were bickering they woke Parker up. Fortunately he’s a very content little guy and he stayed in his bed playing happily while I chatted away.
  • While folding the clothes from this week’s endeavor (‘nother blog for ‘nother day) I noticed my room getting quite hot.  Strange, since that’s the only room with a portable AC.  As I walked over to the AC I felt the air getting hotter and hotter.  I was not comprehending this at all, as this particular AC will freeze you out of the corner where it’s located when you’re simply trying to make the bed.  Well, after being up and running smoothly since Matt installed it a couple of months ago, the vent decided to choose today (the day Matt left to go to the States, if you had forgotten) to fall out of the window.  I had to search the house for duct tape (which, if you know my boys, could be a problem as they use it for all sorts of Lego creations).  I found painters tape, used two belts and a block of wood and 30 minutes later, the heat that pipes out the rear of an AC was no longer pumping INTO my room, but out the little hole in the makeshift window contraption we have set up.  (HAHA.  Take that, Gremlins!)
  • When Parker finally ate lunch (oh, I forgot to tell you… he’s only eating breakfast these days) it was a whopping 2 mini-meatballs and a single mini-ravioli.  After offering him plenty of food, he wanted out of his chair.  When it was time to get the kid some milk, I realized we had none.  Thank GOD He gave me good neighbors!  Not only did they give me 8 oz for his sippy cup, they gave me an entire carton!  (I replaced it, I promise!)
  • The boys finally decided to go OUTSIDE and fill up Parker’s baby pool and play around in it.  They forgot towels so when they came back in they traipsed through my house wet and grassy, after I deep-cleaned the floors!!
  • After they got their baths, I had to remind them each to get their clothes and towels out of the bathroom (pet peeve of mine).
  • In desperate need of milk (and eggs and bread and cereal) we made a quick trip to the commissary.  I let H and C play on the playground nearby and took B and P in with me.  H had let B wear his iPod and headphones while in the store. Quite an easy trip and we didn’t forget anything.   As we were walking to the car I released B for a few minutes to reward him for being helpful in the store.  Alles klar.  (All is good, everything is well.)
  • Because of the ruckus while I was on the phone earlier I cancelled our family game time for tonight.  All boys went to bed at 7:00.  (Ahhhhh…..)
  • At 9:00 Bailey comes out of his room and shares the one thing that could get me to load up my car at that time of night for, other than a serious need for stitches. “Mom, I left Hayden’s iPod at the playground by the commissary.”  At this point I was thinking, “Seriously?!?  You have GOT to be kidding me!”  I didn’t want to say it aloud, but, what else could possibly go wrong today?!?  I actually really did think at that time of a few other really bad things that kept me from blowing up (ahem… my husband’s in the air over the ocean… it could be worse).
  • At 9:10 Bailey and I, in a slow but steady sprinkling of rain, searched the entire playground, only to come to the painful realization that some other kid is probably sporting a pretty sweet (old, and very used) iPod with red ear buds.
  • Bailey learns that he must save up and buy Hayden a new iPod and that next time he should give MOMMY the iPod before heading to the playground (OR give it back to Hayden).  He handled this like a man and his only words were, “Man, I was saving up to buy a camera.”  No he wasn’t!!  He was saving up to buy a new Ben10 watch… all he’s talked about the past week!
  • Hayden was asleep by the time all of this occurred and so I left my blessing-of-a-neighbor Evelyn in charge so I didn’t have to wake him up to go along on this late-night adventure.  (Do you see that she’s taken care of me twice in one day?!?) Hayden still has no idea his iPod’s missing.  I’m not quite sure what responsibility he has in this.  He loaned it to someone not quite responsible enough for that yet, so I’m thinking he should have to put $10 towards it… Any ideas?

* A “stone scraper” is the little brown square plastic thingy that comes with all Pampered Chef stones.  I love these things!  They’re great for getting caked-on muffin batter off the floor.  (Hayden makes muffins on his own now… he also drips batter on the floor.)  They also get a multitude of other stuck-0n-foods off the floors, but I couldn’t identify most of them, so I’ll stick with the muffin batter for the purpose of this example.)

But I did end on a good note.  I edited the video of Parker playing with the water hose today. SO funny!  I’ll post it tomorrow once Vimeo has finished processing it!

Going to bed now, in my air conditioned room!  (Surrounded by the sweet love notes Matt left for me… evidently, I am loved!)

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3 Responses to Gremlins, HE’S NOT DEPLOYED!!!!!

  1. That Honey-Do List says:

    Hey it’s TJ, just using my other persona. Girl, I was soooo thinking B was gonna lose the iPod when you said Hayden loaned it to him!

    I had a thought on how to handle the loss, well more for future losses.
    Maybe this is a good time to learn about contracts? If Hayden had said “if you lose, damage, etc then ….” that should be binding as a verbal contract or have Hayden write out a “Terms of Use” and have Bailey sign it.

    How did Hayden take the news?

    • Jennifer says:

      Love the idea of contracts. Great suggestion!

      I have to say, Hayden was SO AWESOME about the iPod! Bailey told him before I even woke up and Hayden came in to tell me that Bailey didn’t have to replace the ear buds as he got those free on the Double-Decker bus in London. He was using this sweet tone that said more than the words… it said, “It’s okay, I’m not mad, and I totally understand.” Oh, what a way to wake up! To a much better day, and the entire day went that well! Contracts. Nice one, TJ!

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