Raunheim Waldsee. AKA “The Lake”

So many of my friends here in Wiesbaden are asking what lake I am going to. It’s about 20 minutes from post and very inexpensive. It’s especially great for our family since Hayden is so highly sensitive to chlorine! Their website is informative, with pricing and hours. A few things to remember:

Adult: 2€
5 and older: 1€
under 5: Free

(You can buy a 10-punch-pass which basically costs the same as 6 visits, giving you 4 free ones.  We did that this summer!)

Parking is free M-TH, but 2.50€ on F, S and S as well as German Holidays.

Once you park, it’s quite a walk to the lake so make sure you have a wagon, stroller, or a slew of kids to help you carry your stuff to the lake.

There are nice, clean bathrooms, exterior showers for rinsing off, and sometimes a little snack stand is open (ice cream, pommes frites, etc.).  There are a few picnic tables and plenty of trash cans.  We always picnic there, taking plenty of water, fruit, sandwiches, and ALWAYS sunscreen.

Floats are allowed, and there’s a yellow floating line in the water marking the edge of the shallow water.

The address is:

Raunheimer Waldsee
Aschaffenburger Straße
65479 Raunheim

So beautiful. (Okay, so maybe not "Hawaii" beautiful, but if you're missing the beach and are unable to get to one, this will suffice, if you're willing to use your imagination.)

"Hey mom! Look! The bigs left me a bucket of water to play with!"


"Oh man. I spilled it. Wonder if there's any left in there..."

"Hey mom, guess what?!? ..."

*Photos courtesy of AimeeJonesPhotography.  (I sure hope she doesn’t mind that I stole these off her FaceBook account!  I was way too lazy to carry my camera out there yesterday!)

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