Home for now… Wiesbaden

When you’re military (or a civilian doing work for the military as many of my friends here are) you tend to call home the place you lay your head at night.  Sometimes those places are more exciting than others.  To be honest, Columbia the city wasn’t very exciting, but it was a great place to live, as we were 2 hours from family.

Colorado Springs was gorgeous and we got snow!  The historical sites were great for our studies of American History.

But so far our most exciting duty station has been here, in Wiesbaden, Germany.  (No one is surprised by this, right?)  According to the word around town, Wiesbaden is one of the wealthiest towns in Germany, which sounds great and all, until you head downtown to buy a stuffed animal for your child.

Check out this TOY.

That price tag says, €1,499- Um, that's one thousand, ninety-nine EUROS, Converted, today, that's $2136. And that's marked down from €1,999!!!

A downtown street.

Last night I was able to take a girls’ night out on the town.  Not our normal, ‘eat dinner and then get coffee’ dinner, though.  We headed out with drinks in backpacks and tripods in hand, grabbed a to-go dinner at one of our favorite hot-spots, Vapiano, and ate dinner on the grass.  We ate way too much ’cause we didn’t want to carry our left-overs… yep, that’s why we ate too much.  After we finished our dinner we walked around the Kurpark and took pictures of things that caught our eye.

We really wanted to get pictures of the Kurhaus at night, but it wasn’t quite dark enough yet so we went downtown for Starbucks.  Apparently, German Starbucks either close for holidays (it was a German holiday) or they close early.  Our ever-available back up was the bowling alley.  CULTURE SHOCK!  It was so loud and obnoxious in there after having had a few quiet hours in town.  We grabbed our coffee and headed out to watch the sun set from the edge of my neighborhood.  Once it was sufficiently dark we drove back downtown to set up our tripods and try to figure out how to take evening shots of a beautiful building.

LOVED what we got though I do believe I will need to go back to practice some more (because now I am starting to see things I wish I had done differently) but mostly because it was just so much fun!!!

Remember the ball Matt and I went to in May? This is the building it was held in.

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4 Responses to Home for now… Wiesbaden

  1. Heather Sheers says:

    Beautiful shots, Jennifer – Do you mind sharing the camera details for the Kurhaus @ night shots? AMAZING!!! Great job!

    • Jennifer says:

      Heather, thanks! I am glad you liked them!

      First, you need to have a tripod so come by anything and borrow mine (because I think you said you don’t have one). Second, go at dusk. I LOVE to flip through my pictures and watch the sky get darker and darker, almost as if it is happening right before my eyes!

      The 1st picture: SS 1/5; f/5.6; ISO: 200; I was using the 50mm 1.4 lens. (9:09 pm)
      The 2nd picture: SS: 1.6 f/16.0; ISO 200; same lens.

      So much fun! (If you go one night and want company, I will ALWAYS go again!)

  2. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    WOW! I don’t even know what to say!!! The rainbow from the water was so BEAUTIFUL! The picture of that building where the ball was held was almost an “unreal” building! What beauty! I can SEE why you’d feel like this was “home”. What a blessing! And, I agree with your Mom’s post – you are so blessed to have Matt – and I can see that they prayed you would marry someone just like him… AND YOU DID!!!!! Good for him. He so much reminds me of PaPa Ralph – he, to is a gentle spirit, strong, loving, caring, helpful, giving, – there just aren’t enough words to explain what a wonderful man he is. And it seems like Matt fits right in with each and every one of those word descriptions. And, he is so blessed to have you as well. Such a great wife, mom, God-fearing woman, smart, loving, caring, thoughtful, energetic, etc. So, what a match! It works and we are all thankful that it DOES work!!!

    Anyway, those pictures are gorgeous and I hope you can get some more in the night. I also noticed how clean the streets all seem to be! What a pleasant surprise that is!

    Glad for your ladies night out – take care and have a great day today (and everyday).



    • Jennifer says:

      I do agree… So incredibly blessed by the answered prayers. I assure you I’m already praying for my boys’ future wives. If I got into all that I pray for right now, they’d be mad, as they want to start Friday Night Movie Night! Guess I’d better not, right now, at least. I will say that I pray that their marriage is as blessed as mine, and even more so.

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