That’s the name of the street I walked on tonight.  As a title it accurately describes tonight’s evening walk.

I took my camera to capture a field of beauty I had seen during my run (the run that I got soaking wet on).  Only, when I got back to the field with my camera I saw that all the flowers had been knocked off by the serious rain storm we had earlier.  The rain was welcome but I wish I had gotten the pictures first.  I kept on walking because I just HAD to get a picture of this:

I adore the humor of this home owner. The street name is "Sonnenstrasse." That means, "Sun street." So, their address is "2 Sun Street." LOVE IT!!

No idea.

Again, no idea.

Then I was floored by the beauty I saw when I got to the edge of my neighborhood.

As I approached the edge of my neighborhood and walked out from under the protection of the trees, this is what I saw. Sunbeams!!

At the edge of a field just a few feet down the path I stopped to snap some pictures of Wiesbaden.

Kletterwald is the ropes course we did last week. If you want to see the post I wrote about our experiences, it's called, "Look Dad, no hands!" If you click on this picture, it will take you to that post.

View from the edge of my neighborhood of Wiesbaden. I've pointed out where I think HSK is. (HSK is the hospital where Parker was born.)

The following picture was taken from the hospital in March 2010.

I took this picture from the hospital when Parker was born. See the gold-dome building? You can see it from my neighborhood and it's right beside the Kletterwald where we climbed last week.

Here are a few pictures of where I was standing while taking these pictures.

From where I took the cityscape pictures, this was to my left.

From where I took the cityscape pictures, this was to my right. (The next picture is of the base of this tree.)

I love the little gardens peppered around the edges of fields. From what I've gathered, German residents rent out small plots of land and the renters can put a fence around their spot and decorate and grow whatever they want. Adorable. This tree was in one such "rented garden."

I loved this couple walking together in the evening.


Another rented garden. Can you see the gate?

Inside another rented garden. I liked the little heart decoration. Can you see it?

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2 Responses to Sonnenstrasse

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    Gosh, I never realized or pictured Germany to look like that. It is beautiful!!! Glad you shared those pictures. I just can’t imagine what it looked like back in “the war” by looking at it now… sadness but happiness…


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