Customer service… for REAL!

Last week was “organize what you have” week regarding our school stuff.
This week is “decide what you need for next year” week.

It’s going so well!!

Our History for the next year!!! SO excited about it!

Our Science for the upcoming year!!! Again, so excited about this! (Apologia Exploring Creation) *See note at the end of this post.

If you are planning your next year’s curricula and you want to receive 10% off, Exodus Books gives a 10% military discount!!  In fact, I spoke with them in February and they told me how to get this discount applied to my order.  They were very friendly and very fast with their responses to my questions via email.  (Note:  They are not allowed to offer a discount of any type for Veritas Press items.)

They so impressed me that I placed an event in my iCal with an alarm (in the form of an email sent to myself) to go off some time during the summer reminding me that the staff of Exodus Books is so awesome that I should order next year’s curriculum from them. What I didn’t know back in February was which week I’d be doing curriculum research… I just guessed and stuck it in the calendar.  I find God’s timing impeccable as the alarm went off today as I was just sitting down to do research on Story of the World!!!   If you are interested in ordering from them, click here and place your order because then I get even MORE off my order!!  

I will be ordering SOTW from them, but my Apologia Science curriculum from the actual Apologia Science website, for the very same reason.  I spoke with them Monday and they have great customer service and offer a 35% military discount!!!  Never heard of such a great discount!  So, this week has been very productive regarding research.

I give my dad some credit for that… Sunday when I spoke with him for Father’s Day I asked if he’d cover this week in prayer as it really influences how our entire next school year will go.  I believe Dad’s been praying because I’ve been led very quickly to the right materials and the email alarm went off reminding me of what I need to order and from whom.

* Updated July 11, 2011:  I have been watching “19 Kids and Counting” lately and Michelle Duggar mentioned how they homeschool.  Kids 3rd grade and up use Switched-on Schoolhouse.  2nd and below and hands on with mom.  That got me thinking… I decided to check into the Science SOS offers.  Basically, while I would enjoy the Apologia Curriculum, I don’t have a good track record of actually putting much effort into science.  I just don’t like teaching it that much.  So, this will give the boys a great year in science without ME having to do as much.  I wanted to let you know that AlphaOmega publishing gave me a 20% off military discount!  Fabulous customer service, yet again.

THIS is the Science curriculum we're using. I ordered it just a few minutes ago!

All of these companies know how to keep their customers happy!

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3 Responses to Customer service… for REAL!

  1. Christie says:

    So, we’re doing SOTW vol 2 as well! We used Apologia this year (flying animals of the fifth day). My only complaint is that it’s a bit heavy on the text. I had to assign only portions of each lesson because it was too much info for a 2nd grader. The notebook was neat to have. We’re just sticking with the Usborne and DK books I think. We’ll see!

    • Jennifer says:

      I read that they’re written at a 4th grade level but can be used for multiple levels, if you do what you did and just adjust it for the ages you are teaching. I plan to have Hayden (5th grade) do quite a bit of it, Carson (3rd grade) do less, and Bailey, even less. I’m prepared to hear, “No fair!!!” but I really don’t care. Life isn’t fair. (And it actually IS fair, as Hayden didn’t have to do much science when he was in 2nd grade. He just won’t remember that far back… conveniently for him!

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