An evening walk… alone.

Last Tuesday evening after a tough couple of days I took a long walk in the evening.  My goal was to capture the evening light which is really late around this time of year.  I believe my best light occurred at around 7:45 pm and we hadn’t even reached the longest day of the year yet (that happens to be today).  This post contains some pictures that I really liked.  I will miss the fields of Germany when we move back to the states.  I prefer those for running to urban areas.

(There is a funny story at the end of the post.  I debated sharing it, but thought in order to keep myself humble I would…)

I set out looking for some things that stood out as "bright and vivid" as I was working on a challenge for a photography website I enjoy. None of these pictures would qualify for the challenge as the requirement was that they had to show a face, but I still wanted to see if I could find "bright and vivid" in the fields. Most of the colors were greens and golds, rather than bright colors, but I let the light play on the grasses and I found some stunning views. I assure you, not one of these pictures does justice to what I could see with my eyes.

I found a small patch of these flowers along the side of a path.

Sunflare. Check it out!

One of my favorites of the evening.

Can you see the ladybug?

I love the fly and the spider web in this one. I want to warn him to fly away!!

This gate captured my attention. I loved it.

At this point it was after 8:30 pm. Still so light out.

See the runner? This picture was taken about 7:45. I hope you get a kick out of the following embarrassing story. Matt sure did.

So for the picture above I was sitting at the edge of a field facing the sun.  I was hoping to catch the sunset as it hit the field.  I was taking pictures and noticed a strange green ghost glare on some of my pictures due to the UV filter I keep on my lens for protection (because I have a slobbery-fingered baby who likes to touch the lens).  I took the filter off and placed it on my lap thinking, “Do not forget you put that there.”  As I got up to move over a few feet, it fell onto the ground and I picked it up thinking, “That’s like dropping a $20 on the ground.”  I picked it up promising to do better.  (Jessica C., I didn’t have my ShootSac on me because I was originally out for a run with Parker.  I had the camera in a small protective camera bag and Parker in the jogger.  I would run, stop, snap pics, and go on. About 15 minutes  into the run Parker started crying, which then became screaming. I actually had to call Matt and have him come get him… I dropped Parker and the stroller with Matt at the edge of the fields and turned back to my alone time… with only a camera in hand… thus, no ShootSac.)

As I got settled back into my new spot, I placed the filter back on my lap, vowing to remember it when I next stood up.  I saw this runner going by and snapped a few pictures. I got a few of what I was looking for and then decided to head to another field that had a different type of crop, that, I’m ashamed to say even as a landscaper’s daughter, I don’t know what it is.  I was snapping away when it hit me that I had let the filter fall out of my lap.  I went back to where I thought I had been sitting and searched for a good 20 minutes.  I searched until I remembered that I had take pictures of the runner.  I zoomed WAY in to one of the pictures of him until I could see the building and a few trees and a haystack.  I then moved myself until those three items lined up as they were in the picture, looked down, an viola… there was my filter.

Zoomed way in. See the building and the trees? Triangulation at its finest.

I glanced back up just in time to watch the sun dip below the horizon.  I missed the best light searching for my filter!  Still, the time was well spent and I returned home refreshed. I really needed that time by myself and I’m so glad Matt was willing to let me go out and be alone for a few hours.

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4 Responses to An evening walk… alone.

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    Loved the beautiful pictures. I loved the lady bug, spider web and fly, too. Yes, they were very visable as well as the runner and the buildings. Glad you were able to get out by yourself for awhile. Poor Parker, he probably felt alienated from his 3 big bros and said, “Enough, already!” Ha. Glad Matt was able to find you and take him with him. Sorry about your poor filter, though. Mainly because you missed your best picture ever, probably!!! Oh well. There’ll be another time.

    Happy First Day of Summer today!!!

    Love ya.


    • Jennifer says:

      Well, I am glad you liked the pictures. I am kinda pleased with them, if only because I set out to take them and got them. Usually I just get lucky! That, or my subject is just so cute that the picture turns out great because of who’s in it! But this time it was not people and I had to do specific things to GET the pictures I wanted! I felt the evening was a success!

      Happy First day of summer to you. Funny thing is, it’s supposed to be the longest day of the year but it’s already pretty dark here, at 10:15. Normally it’s a little lighter out, but there’s been cloud coverage all day, sort of “stickin’ it to us” I guess. I won’t complain. The temps have been in the comfortable 70’s and will be all week!
      Love you!

  2. Jess says:

    just beautiful, Jen 🙂

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