Matt’s Father’s Day.

We did dinner, his choice, Saturday evening at our home. He wanted to grill hamburgers so after I made a huge grocery trip, I shoved him out the door for a long run so I could get some treats together, locking the door behind him. I thawed a bag of ready-to-eat shrimp and Hayden made the cocktail sauce. I made a jaeger sauce and bread to dip in it.  I had also purchased some of his favorite goodies that I rarely have in the house: pretzels, peanuts, BBQ potato chips. Bailey put the cherries and a “pit bowl” on the table and he made the adorable “Happy Father’s Day bab” and “We love you, bab” signs.  (Lower case bs and ds still trip him up.)   We placed the toppings and condiments there as well. I was THRILLED to get to use some of my new Pampered Chef serving items.

When Matt came home he found the door locked and a family who made him hide his eyes as he passed through the dining room to get a shower.  When he came out, he was AMAZED at the sight!  Let’s just say that by the time dinner was ready, the shrimp were gone and we barely finished our burgers.  We didn’t touch most of the goodies on the table, but at least Matt had his choice of what he wanted to eat… and all those things were to HIS liking!

All the food we made for Matt to celebrate him as "Dad."

Toppings for the burgers... avocados! YUM! (I'm branching out!)

Pretzels. Just because Matt likes them.

This morning we gave Matt his treats.  Bailey had made him a special Lego creation and they had all made him cards.  We have this deal… if you have something you want then you ask for it… that way on Mother’s/Father’s Day you get something you’ll want. (Remember my ShootSac?!?)  He needed a carry-all bag and some sunglasses.  I was more than happy that he knew what he wanted.  I tried to find something authentically German but had no luck…  No worries, he was happy with his gifts!

Matt getting his gifts. (A man-bag from all of us and an "Eiffel Tower" out of Legos from Bailey.) The image itself is blurry, but I ADORE Bailey's face as he shows off his gift. I also love how Parker is trying to figure out what his big brothers are doing behind him!

Sweet hugs (sorry for the orange, and I really hate that this special moment was blurry. Still have lots to learn.)

After a great church service and a fun lunch at the PX we headed home for a LONG Sunday afternoon nap.  Then we loaded up the coolers and left for the “ChapelNext” picnic at the Volkspark.  The skies looked so ominous that we were hesitant to even go, but we made it.  The rain never fell but we about froze to death out there!  Parker had on 3 layers and Matt and I were wearing coats.  I’m guessing it was 55 degrees or so, with a cold wind. (I loved it but was none to disappointed when we headed back to our house to play cards with friends.)


At the "Father's Day Picnic" that all but got rained out.

Sweet Parker and Kayla loving the wagon.

My husband is the most precious friend on earth and I am so glad he is my best friend. He loves me and shows the boys that he does.  I am honored to be married to him and so blessed to watch him as he interacts with our children.  What a blessing they have in their father.

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2 Responses to Matt’s Father’s Day.

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    What a blessing you all are to us. We so much enjoyed the Father’s Day pics and story of your family. I tried to reply to the Word Press email notice we got but I don’t think you got it. I just wanted you to know that your story about your Dad could have been written by me or my sisters about our Dad. Almost IDENTICAL – that it gave me the “shivers”! And, tears in my eyes. I remember him getting us up out of bed at night to see the stars or a particular constellation of stars, and one night he had us all go out on the roof to view something (can’t remember what). Another time at 3:00 a.m. he woke us up – away we went down to the beach of Lake Michigan and watched the most BEAUTIFUL site from the “Northern Lights” (Aurora Borealis). And he, too, was a hard worker, and a man of ethics, a Christian man, loved our mother, adored her, showed us how a husband and wife should be together, respectful to one another, loved the Lord with ALL his heart, studied and studied – books all over the place, SS teacher, had us at church many times per week, tithed, made sure we were always early for church – he’d be outside sitting in the car waiting for all of us to pile in the car – when we did, it was (without fail) a question: “Have you got the Bibles?” We NEVER went to church without our Bibles – all of us. We laugh about that to this day. Also, his and mother’s love of missionaries. Our home was a “hotel” for all the missionaries who would come visit our church. So many different ones, it would take too much time to list. Also, we housed an array of people (professors, musicians, etc.) from the various Bible colleges. I remember that he and mother were so sensitive to others’ needs – many a time I saw him discreetly give money to those who were visiting – just to make sure they “had enough”. I could go on and on, but I tell ya Jen. I couldn’t believe it when I read your comments about your sweet father! It reminded me so much of our Dad. The comparison is amazing, actually and no wonder there was just something so sweet about you that reached out and touched me – and now, I know why! I love your heart. Love, Judy

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh Judy, now I know why we were instant friends! What a sweet story of your dad you shared, and as you said, remarkably similar to mine! Very thankful for being raised by such a man as my dad. Blessed beyond measure! I love your heart, too!

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