Look Dad, NO HANDS!

The latter half of this week has been so much better than the first half.  Very thankful for that.

Today the boys climbed the Kletterwald as a homeschool field trip.  It’s a high ropes course that as absolutely MASSIVE.  You wouldn’t believe how big.

Carson preferred the low ropes course and I was not surprised by that at all.  Hayden was ready for the BLACK course, as in… “let me go to the hardest part there.”  I don’t think his body is as big as his determination, however, as some of those were specifically for adults. He’s just not tall enough, so he had to stay with Matt most of the time.  Bailey did well, though at one point he was ready to give up.  Matt was climbing with him and was able to talk him through his fit and they carried on.

Only one scare of the day.  You know how when you climb these things you’re supposed to keep one hook fastened to a secure line, move the other, then go back for the first, so that you, AT ALL TIMES, have at least one hook fastened to the ropes coursed?  Well, Bailey didn’t quite catch that and while about 30 feet in the air on a platform only a few feet wide, Matt sees him holding a hook in each hand, connected to NOTHING.  Scared Matt to death!  I am so glad I didn’t hear this story until after all of our kids were done climbing!

One neat thing about these particular hooks.  They’re “smart,” meaning that they lock when they’re hooked on to the rope.  Only one can be open at a time.  So, you click one on the rope, and the other will then open when you press a button and then open it.  Bailey bypassed this feature to get both of his off the course!  God is good and protected him from falling out of that tree!

I didn’t take my camera as I intended to be climbing with the kids.  I did get to climb, but not as much as Matt… as I said, Carson preferred the low ropes course and I could walk beside him rather than climb it myself.  I did, however, have my trusty iPhone in hand and snapped these two pictures.

Owen, the boys' buddy, conquering the Red 1, I believe.

Carson LOVED the obstacles at the Kletterwald, just not the 30 foot hight of some of them.

I also do have a picture to post that I took on my solitary walk the other evening.  The past two days have been very “boy” oriented and I needed a little “girl” in my life.

Surrounded by boys but I'm still a girl!

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