Bright and vivid… a little late.

Remember the challenge I didn’t do?  I was supposed to take a picture that represented “bright and vivid” to me and the only rule was that it had to have a face in it. It was, after all, for a website called, “i heart faces.”  If the challenge were still open today, I would submit this picture.  While the COLORS in this picture aren’t very vivid, Parker’s personality is and it shows so clearly in this treasure Jessica was able to capture.

Yesterday we started our summer-lake fun.  I’ll be sure to post more pictures soon, but I couldn’t resist showing you this one now.  So glad Jessica was willing to get her nice camera out and meet me at the edge of the lake.  My hands were sun-screeny, sandy, and wet.  Not Nikon friendly!  But oh, I would have been so disappointed to miss these pictures.
Honestly, that thought just hit me pretty hard.  What if she hadn’t gotten her camera out? What if this moment was lost forever?  What if I couldn’t show it to Matt?  I’m okay with some moments being just for the moment.  Some are good just to enjoy in that moment. But it turns out this one was the kind you want to share.

Here’s how it went down:  The moms were all sitting around the blanket talking and watching the babies.  At one point I looked up and saw Parker several feet away from us heading, without fear, toward the water… without a complaint regarding the sand.  I decided it was time to change him into his swimmy diaper and absolutely adorable baby bathing suit.  I let him go again totally expecting that he would get to the water’s edge and turn around… Das Wasser war KALT!

As you can see in that picture, he went right in without hesitation.  He laughed, splashed, kicked, crawled, screamed, and just LOVED  it.  What a blessing it was that Jessica came out there!  (And thanks, Aimee and Hayden, for taking care of Connor while she was out at the water with me!)

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