You’re reading WHAT?

That was the response I got when I told a friend that I was reading “How to Keep the ‘Little’ in Your Girl.”  Her response was definitely appropriate, as I have no daughters. The book by Dannah Gresh is EXACTLY what I’m searching for, only, it’s targeted at the wrong gender.  Okay, not the “wrong” gender, but you know what I mean.  It was written to moms of daughters who are my sons’ ages.

I am desperate for something to help me better raise my tweens.  I was under  the impression that I only have ONE but as it turns out, according to Dr. James Dobson, Carson is also considered a tween.

I listened to “Boys Should be Boys” on audio, and MAN… it’s great.  I want to purchase this book so I can go back and read it with highlighters.  I highly recommend it!!  Dr. Meg Meeker ROCKS!

I am just starting “Preparing for Adolescence.”  Hea-vy.  By that, I mean… I’m not sure how much of it I’m ready for Hayden to read.  There’s a fine line between what he NEEDS to read to be prepared for the stage he’s entering and giving him way too much information way too soon.  I know that’s where wisdom and discernment comes in.  I’ve thought about letting Matt do his “father/son” talk* and then copying a few chapters from this book so that he’ll be able to read what Dr. Dobson has to say TO pre-teen boys, but only what we feel that he’s ready to read.  I don’t think he’s ready for that whole book. Again, heavy.

My concerns are that I allow him to mature and grow, giving him more and more responsibility, but guide him through this time that can be quite rough.  According to Danna Gresh, (or Meg Meeker… can’t remember which one) these years can be made easier and the relationships can actually strengthen during the tween/teen years.  We would like to go that route instead of the tumultuous one so many just accept as normal.

If you have teens, or adult kids who and you have a tips on how to enter this stage with grace, peace, confidence, wisdom, and maybe a few tricks to stick up our sleeves, please share them with me.  If you have a book that has helped you during these years, I’d love to know the answer.  Of course, we rely first and foremost on the Bible, and the books I consult are typically written from a Christian perspective.  When teaching the boys WHY we set the rules we set (on TV, modesty, video games, etc.) we always tell them the Biblical reason for our rules.

*We have had several age-appropriate discussions with the boys throughout their lives. This will not be the first time Hayden  has heard some of what he and Matt will discuss, but it will be “the talk” that goes beyond the normal stuff.  I’ll leave it at that.


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