more coffee, more chocolate…

Some days are just like that.  Yesterday was just a little-bit like that… today was full on “not good.”

I typed the entire episode out and emailed it to a friend, but don’t want to bore  you with the details.  (I let my friend take the brunt of that… poor her!)  I’ll just give you a quick rundown…  Basically, today’s episode was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  See, I have given the boys responsibilities that they’ve been doing for over over a year.  I think that by now they should need no instructions.  Reminders, sure.  But when I go to check on their work, I totally expect those jobs to be done and done correctly.  Today I had to bring Hayden back to the bathroom 4 times to re-do what he was supposed to have done the 1st time.

Let’s just say mama had had enough.  Matt was here to “help” explain to the boys the value of doing a job correctly the first time, but I don’t think he really saw the underlying frustration I was feeling so he didn’t really know how to best help.  That didn’t help mama.

The day really didn’t improve when I saw the mess in the kitchen… a mess I had not made.

Then my sweet Hayden (the very one who didn’t clean the bathroom right) got his ID made.  I was really looking forward to this being a special day but the entire day was just off.  Instead of it being a very special day, it was just blah.

I mentioned in my FB status that today was a “more coffee, more chocolate” kind of day and wouldn’t you know it… a friend showed up with a TWIX bar!  How’d she know I like those?!? 🙂  Thank you, Aimee!

I’ve been blessed to have friends (and a husband) who knows when I need something special.  Sometimes they show up bearing chocolate, sometimes coffee*, sometimes just a hug.  Any of those options are fine by me and VERY much appreciated.   (*You know who you are!!)

The evening brightened considerably.  Not sure if it was the coffee I brewed that the Irvin’s brought over a few days ago, the chocolate from Aimee, or the 90 minute game of Phase 10 our family played after dinner.  Either way, glad today is over and looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.  Oh man… I said it.  “Bright.”  That reminded me that today I was supposed to enter a photograph for the “i heart faces” challenge.  It was supposed to reflect what “Bright and Vivid” means to me.  Today, nothing felt bright or vivid.  I didn’t take many pictures and those I took were of my school cabinet throwing up all over my office. (If you don’t believe me, either ask Aimee what my house looked like when she stopped by, or keep checking in to see the blog that I’ll undoubtedly write about the process a homeschool mom goes between two school years.)

So, here’s a picture that really expresses my feelings from today (in humor, of course).  I took this yesterday at our dinner-picnic.  Parker had tried one-too-many-times to get off the blanket while Matt was trying to feed him dinner.  Matt pulled him back onto the   blanket and for some reason, it made Parker REALLY mad.

If Parker could speak he'd be screaming, "SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE!?!"

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5 Responses to more coffee, more chocolate…

  1. Jess says:

    we all have days like that! And now I want a twix bar 🙂

  2. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    Ohhhh Jenn: Yes, we all have those days. I should say that I don’t have many now a days, but, sure went through several many years ago when the kids were little. It happens to all of us. Even as good as our kids were ( as your kids are ), I think sometimes when we wake up, it just is not going to be a good day. Just one of those days when we just don’t feel right – maybe not enough sleep, or at least, not enough “restful” sleep, lots to do, 3 or 4 children, work that needs to be done, plus all the regular day-to-day things, etc. It’s a natural thing, unfortunately. I guess the main thing is for us adults – we pray the children will learn from these days and also realize that Moms and Dads have days like that as well. Why try to hide the bad days. This way the kids will see how we handle them, and then they will know what to expect and by our examples, will know how to or learn how to handle them. There is something in our “make up” that just makes us “out of sorts” on some days. No explanation, it just does. So, you’re not alone. If we were closer, I’d bring you some ice cream and a beautiful flower. But, all I can do is “pretend”. So, I sure hope you rest well tonight and tomorrow will be better and you will wake up feeling like your old self once again. I will pray for you – that God will grant you the rest you need and deserve and that tomorrow things will straighten out. Also, if I were closer, I’d help you organize your desk so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Hang in there. It’s all good.


    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, how sweet your words are! I received the “ice cream and the flower” and the best part?!? The ice cream had no calories and the flower will last forever! I got good rest last night and expect to get some good accomplished on our school stuff. You wrote:

      This way the kids will see how we handle them, and then they will know what to expect and by our examples, will know how to or learn how to handle them.

      I really needed to read that. I’m going to go gather them up and talk to them about bad days. Apologize for the ways I’ve mishandled my bad mood, ask them to apologize for the ways they’ve acted out as a result, and tell them we’re going to work together on having a better day. It started out pretty good and then Carson decided to have a bad attitude and has been sent to his room. Then he did the, “Well, I’m glad I’m being sent to my room so I can get away from my brothers and read.” Um, no sir. Not a good answer. But we’re going to make a point to see the bad for what it is and work actively on making it better.

      Thanks for your caring heart!

      • Jennifer says:

        Oh, and you’ll never guess what… As I was getting up to chat with the boys (which went well) Bailey brought me a picture he had drawn that had two flowers on it! Guess I got the long-lasting flower after all!

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