Carson and Mommy Date!

I NEVER get picked to go on dates with the boys!  Daddy always wins that honor.  It started as a way to give each boy a chance to have one-on-one time with Dad before he deployed.  During the deployment I took over and I took each boy on a date so they’d still get that one-on-one attention.  Well, when Dad reentered the picture, mom-dates were out of the question.  I’m pretty much okay with that, as I do get to spend a a huge quantity of time with the boys (though, as a unit rather that individually).

The way we “do” dates now is that when they have earned the required amount of money in order to buy something then it’s time for a date.  (Regarding the money deal… we require them to save up $20 before we give them money so we don’t end up giving them a dollar here and a dollar there.  We’d be buying cheapo toys every week.  With this rule, they have to save up and purchase something a little nicer.  When Hayden turned 10 we actually upped his required amount to $25 as we are having him put some of his money in the bank to save up for his first car.)

Each boy recently earned the appropriate amount of money and Hayden was heading out for his date with Dad when Carson told us that he was going to go on a date with me.


On our date!

I gave him a few options as to where we would go but there are few things that entice an 8-year-old boy more than a kid’s meal toy.  Burger King it was.  But I had a mission first.  I have been warned about the middle kid syndrome.  (Thanks, Candice and Patti!)  I want to make sure my sweet Carson knows just how precious he is to me.  I also wanted to ask him a few questions to learn some new things my kid with the cutest nose in the world.

We headed to the PX and I bought a $1 notebook and a pack of pens.  Then it was off to the restaurant that promises me I can have it my way but doesn’t have lettuce or tomato. While we were waiting for our food I asked a few questions.  Most of the answers, I already knew.  We had a good time and some fun laughs.  I jotted down what I asked and his responses, because I look forward to doing this with all the boys eventually.

Then I told him that he needed to use this book as a way to notice good things his brothers do around the house.  He called it his “secret super spy book.”  I have one page with Hayden’s name at the top and another with Bailey’s.  I numbered 1-10 on each of the two pages and told Carson that he needed to be a spy for the next week or so and write down 10 nice things each by his brothers but without their knowing.  I gave him an example and told him that when I see the lists, they might be worth a few quarters added to his next saving’s goal.  (I know… we’re cheap.  We pay for chores in quarters and not dollars.  They have to work long and hard to earn their $20/25 dollars!)

A place for Carson to jot down good things his brothers do.

We had a really good time and laughed a lot.  (I had to stop typing because Carson just climbed up in my lap to watch MythBusters… icing on the cake!)

Here are the questions I asked him and his responses:

What is your…

favorite food?  “Spaghetti”

2nd favorite food?  “Pizza”

3rd favorite food?  “Ice cream aka Mint Chocolate chip”

favorite chore?  “Sweeping”

least favorite chore?  “Recycling, then bathroom”

favorite singer?  “Steven Curtis Chapman”

favorite drink? “Root beer”

favorite instrument? “Piano”  (I MUST get this boy in some lessons!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?  “I don’t know.  I used to want to be a fireman.”

What do you think about girls? “Gross and disgusting.”  (atta boy!)

If I had to tell someone about you, what do you think I should tell them? “That I like knights.”

What are your favorite kinds of books?  “Hardy Boys, or any mystery.”

What is your favorite way to get exercise? “Swimming”

Would you rather eat a live spider or raw fish? “Spider.”  (When I asked him why he made faces:  a gaggy faces for fish and ‘mmmm’ faces for spider.  Crazy boy!)

Have you ever read a book that you felt bad after reading and sort of hoped I never read any of it?  (Without a single moment’s hesitation he said…) “From the Horse’s Mouth.”  It had bad words.  Sometimes when I’m playing with Nathan and Bailey I overhear big kids saying “What the h***” or “Oh my g**.””

What is your favorite TV show? “Phineas and Ferb”

What are you most afraid of?  “A snake wtih 40,000 heads and 30 legs and sharp fangs.”  (I totally though the was going to say heights.)

Where is one place you want to see before we move back to the states? “The knights at Napoleon’s Tomb in Paris.”  (We had a ticket to see the tomb but when we went in to see the Knights’ armor they told us we didn’t have the right tickets… those would cost an additional 8€ each.  At this point on that day we had already seen the Louvre and Nap’s tomb.  We still had to drive 5 hours home and decided against going back for the additional ticket, but Carson was really disappointed.  We MUST find some knights for my sweet Carson.)

What is your favorite part about being one of four boys?  “You get to be 2nd, not 3rd like Bailey or last like Parker.”

Least favorite part?  “Being kicked by Hayden”

What do you like about having a baby brother? “Playing with him – he likes to play with me… sometimes.”

Not like? “When he has to cry himself to sleep.”  (This happens only about once every couple of weeks, and last night was one of those nights.  It usually happens when Parker KNOWS there is fun going on and he wants to be a part if it.  Apparently, it bothers Carson. Who knew?!?)

What is not like you expected about our baby?  “The puking.”  (I hear ya, son!  VERY thankful that season is over.)

What is one question you want me to ask you but I haven’t thought of it yet? “Do you want Root Beer?” he asked as he handed me his root beer.

What is your favorite sport?  “Soccer”

What is your favorite thing you’ve seen in Europe? “Really really old castles”

What is your favorite holiday? “First is Christmas, next is Easter.”

What is one thing God has taught you lately? “To learn Bible verses like John 3:16 and the one that says “The Lord is my shepherd.”

Can you name one person you feel you are showing Jesus’ love to?  “Nathan, Owen, half to Bailey, half to Hayden, a fourth to Parker, and a whole to you and a whole to dad.” (Hmmm… not sure exactly what he meant by that.  I should have had him explain.)

What is one skill you want to learn?  “piano”

What is something you want to learn about during the third grade?  “Story of the world and science.”

What a fun night we had!  And, as I mentioned halfway through this, Carson sat on my lap while we watched TV. It’s been a while since one of my bigs sat on my lap!

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6 Responses to Carson and Mommy Date!

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    My heart is filled with happiness for this sweet, precious, boy, Carson. What an angel and what a tribute to you and Matt as his parents.

    Love all of you!


  2. Debbie says:

    I too am in awe of your wonderful ablity it mother boys. I look to you for ideas and inspiration as my boys get bigger. Thanks for posting such a wonderful moment between you and Caron! I never want my middle one to feel left out or have the middle syndrome… 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      You are a natural mom-to-boys. You radiate when you talk about any one of them!! And as for inspirational, just READ! Anything about raising Godly men that you can get your hands on. It’ll give you the right “inspiration!”

  3. Michelle H. says:

    How precious! Those boys are going to be the kind of men the world needs. That was so sweet to read those Q&As.

  4. Jennifer, this is sooo sweet!! As you know, I only have a little girl, and I do not want another one for a while (I’m only 21 so I still have plenty of time to have more kids), but this makes me want a little boy so bad!!! I just love reading all of your stories!! You are a great mom, and I hope to be an awesome Godly mom just as you are!! Tell Matt and the boys hey for me!!

    p.s. By the way when do yal move back to the states?

    • Jennifer says:

      Melanie, you are adorable! Thanks for your sweet words… You would LOVE having a son… or four.

      We will be back in NOV 2012. Not sure where we’ll be going but we think we’ll spend Jan-June 2013 in SC… after that, who knows.

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