Erdbeeren – nature’s candy.

No kidding. Today we picked strawberries in our nearby fields. The fields I run in several times a week. Although the best strawberries were already picked and taken, we spent 45 minutes and were pleased to get half a basket. By the time we had picked those, we were all pretty tired, as we had run (the boys biked) 2.5 miles through the fields to get to the patch. We didn’t have the energy to stick around and find more. However, what we picked only cost 2,00€! Awesome!  These strawberries smelled just like cotton candy. The sweetest strawberries EVER!

Parker loose in the Strawberry Patch.

Hayden came up to love on Parker... Parker LOVES his big brother. (Look closely and you can see Carson and Bailey in the background.

These were some of the better strawberries. Most of them were pretty small because the field was already picked through.

"Hey look, I think I see one!"

"No, really! Here's one!"

"I got it!!"

My beautiful strawberry picker.

Here he comes! I was on the ground to take his picture and when I do that, he loves to come headbutt me! Today was no exception!


Carson (You're eyes are not deceiving you. I tried to get him to hold a strawberry but he said, "I don't want my picture taken with a strawberry because people might think I like them." Carson does not like fruit of any kind.)


(To see pictures from last year’s Erdbeeren Pickin’ day, click here.  Email me if you need the password.)

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4 Responses to Erdbeeren – nature’s candy.

  1. amanda land says:

    Looks like so much fun! Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Michelle H says:

    These pics were really good. You are getting better and better. Love the pic of little man sitting in the field. He is getting cuter and cuter.

  3. Jess says:

    really good pics, Jenn!! 🙂 And I’m sad to say that we kinda missed strawberry picking this year!

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