Home-made watches

In an effort to limit TV time this summer, we have set a “2 shows a day” rule. This has caused the boys to be a little more creative with their activities. They are into this Ben 10 thing and wanted to know how much one of the toy watches was. They found one for $20 at the Toy Store and I think Bailey’s going to get one, but the one Hayden really wanted was $150! Seriously!?! It’s a TOY! So, they have spent the past few days creating these watches out of paper, crayons, legos and packing tape.


Green and red watches.

Carson's "largest drawing ever" project.

After some art work (and my coffee) we headed to the library, arguably the boys’ favorite place to spend time (without spending money).


Hayden at the library

Carson can't wait to get home to read one of the books he's picked out!

Bailey picked out one book. Just one. Henry and Mudge! (I accidentally focused on the book and not B's eyes. Sorry... it sorta hurts my eyes to look at this picture because I want Bailey in focus, but it was what I got!)

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3 Responses to Home-made watches

  1. Ashea Griffin says:

    I just LOVE reading your posts!!!! Cizzie loves Henry and Mudge too!!!

  2. roncap says:

    My son is into Ben 10 but I bought him the $15.00 watch, I would not have if I saw this post sooner. i am not that creative, our current arts and craft project is building a kite.

  3. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    Such sweet boys. I love how you can make them content just be doing creative things as opposed to spending money every time you go somewhere. That is such a good lesson. They learn to “manage” their money and not just spend it before it “hits their pockets”. They’re so good. I just love them.

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