Kids are allowed…

but that’s not the same as “kids are welcome.”  We discovered that today.

Really nice, clean pool. The boys didn't think it was too cold, but the moms and babies were NOT having it.

We originally planned to go to the lake but I was afraid it was going to be way too cool for the boys to enjoy the water.  SO, we decided to try a pool we had heard was chlorine-free. (I have one son highly sensitive to chlorine… never tested as “allergic” but the reaction is not worth the risk of swimming in it any time soon.)  So, I called the pool and made sure kids were allowed and they said that they were.  We loaded up our loaf of bread-turned PB&J sandwiches, a few drinks, pretzels, swimmy diapers, and headed to the pool.

Upon arriving we were greeted by one employee who knew no English and one who knew “a little bit,” which is German for “I can communicate with you in your language but I don’t want you to think I’m fluent.”  It can also mean, “I am totally fluent in your language but since it’s not my native tongue, I don’t want you to be too hard on me.”  The second employee was in the former category.  Between her English and my German (though admittedly, mostly her English) we discovered that the baby pools were closed for the day and that the big pool was pretty deep (Carson and Bailey could touch but their faces were under water).  Fortunately the word “noodle” came out and we were all good.  (All the boys enjoyed the noodles, but Owen actually needed one since he’s not quite a confident swimmer.)

We knew as soon as we walked out to the pool that it was going to be interesting. Everyone there was swimming laps or doing easy exercises in the pool.  Ours were the only kids (save one, a little 2 year old girl who came out for a while).  Basically, we stuck out like a sore thumb and I believe as we pulled away 3 hours after arriving I heard an eruption of clapping and cheers.  (Though I must say, I do think the people there were pretty tolerant.  Only one woman was huffy with us when a boy would get in her area.)

We did our best to keep the four boys’ voices down and kept them from jumping in the sides (that was a no-no at this pool).  We tried to remind the boys to stay out of the areas where people were trying to swim laps, though, I thought it would have been smarter for all the lap people to be on one side of the pool and let the kids have the other side.  But what do I know?!?

A grassy area where we let the babies crawl around.

We ate a picnic lunch and then the boys swam again before a few of mine decided on their own to dry off and sit out.  As we were driving home Bailey asked permission to fall asleep. I, being the mean mom that I am, did not grant him that permission.  I told him to wait till we got home.  He obeyed, and dragged himself to his room and promptly passed out.  I LOVE POOLS!  I just wish we could find a kid-friendly, chlorine-free pool that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and wasn’t 30 minutes away.  I guess we’ll stick to our lake…

Fish #1 and his friend, Owen (LOOK! Hayden gets to swim in a POOL! That NEVER happens any more!!!) He was thrilled!

Fish #2

Fish #3

Fish-to-be #4 and his friend, Connor

A brother messed his hair up and it stayed like that the whole day!

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9 Responses to Kids are allowed…

  1. roncap says:

    Very nice and funny post. We only only have one child so we go to a lot of places that kids are allowed and always get funny looks.

    • Jennifer says:

      I find that very interesting. I’m assuming you live in the states… Since we live in Germany, WE are the ones who get funny looks. One-child families are the norm. We have 4 kids so we freak a lot of people out. Then, when we go on an outing with another family with children, we are REALLY obviously non-German! Just read a few of your posts. I really related to the one about wondering which group your son would belong to when he’s a teen. You are not alone. I have 4 kids, all totally different from one another, and I wonder which groups they will end up in as well. (Of course, since we homeschool, there may not be that many groups to choose from, depending on where we are living at the time they enter “teenage-hood.”

  2. Michelle H. says:

    Outdoor pools are meant to have fun in, splash, and jump, NOT exercise. Thats what the indoor heated pools are for. HAHA.

  3. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    I never heard of such a thing! Of course, those children should have been allowed to do whatever (is appropriate) in that pool just as much as those exercisers! How ridiculous! Great day in the morning! I’m so glad they were able to have fun. I laughed about Bailey asking permission to go to sleep! Bless his heart. I know playing in that water just wears them out. And, little Parker-man, that picture with him sucking his thumb and his hair – he looked so tired. Bless his heart!!!

    Well, glad you all had fun!!!



  4. Jess says:

    whoops! I would have felt uncomfortable and unwanted, too. I’m glad you guys got to go, though!

  5. Daniela Bruce says:

    Sorry You felt unwelcome there. I haven’t been there myself, I’ve only been told about how nice it is (by folks without children). Having three boys myself I know how hard it is to keep them from doing what comes naturally at pools :-). When I think about the kind of town this pool is in and the folks it attracts You’re experience makes sense to me. The town is a recreational “mecca” for arthritits stricken people, who seek the thermal waters in the hope to diminish their aches and pains. Folks who seek this pool are on average advanced in age and seek a more restful exerience in this town/pool. My recommendation wasn’t very wise!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Not an unwise recommendation at all! Others had referred me there as well! It just didn’t work out well. We stick to the lake where the boys can run and yell and not bother anyone! 🙂

      Hope you are having a nice weekend!

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