Wizard teeth and Big Foot’s brother

After we got back from Paris I told Matt that I was going to spend this week sleeping in and staying in my P.Js. all day, officially welcoming summer vacation.  I have done that very thing for 3 days and have worked harder in these three days than on the days I stay on top of the routine! It seems to be that I have more to clean and more to keep up with when I’m off, so I’m going back on duty tomorrow. Well, tonight actually. I’m doing my sink-shining and going to set my clothes out for tomorrow. This “taking time off” thing seems to be more work than my real life. So, back to real life I go. But first, I’m going to blog about our day. It was a good one, other than the fact that I had to do extra chores because I didn’t stay on top of life…

Today we had homeschool PE in Aukamm… they played Kick-ball. I like to walk to PE when it’s close enough and let the boys ride their bikes to get extra exercise.  While the ‘bigs’ were playing, Parker and I sat on a blanket and I snapped pictures of him.  During that time he brought flowers to me for the first time.  It was almost as if he knew he was supposed to do that!  He just crawled over to a yellow flower, picked it, and brought it directly to me! I was happy I had my camera handy.

My first flower from Parker. This picture melts my heart.

I also loved how he is so “boy.”  I’m listening to “Boys Should be Boys” by Dr. Meg Meeker on audio (the audio download was available immediately from my library whereas the actual book will take a week or so to arrive).  It is reiterating to me some of the main beliefs we (the Hamricks) stand on.  Boys need to be outside more than inside.  They need to spend less time watching TV than they do reading.  They really don’t need video games (though mine will take any chance they have to play someone else’s!!).  They are supposed to get dirty and like sticks, mud, and rocks.  This last one is SO very true of my boys.  And, again, I go back to Parker.  He was infatuated with sticks and bugs today.  He brought me many things after the flower including leaves, sticks, and an occasional lady bug.  And he’s just a baby! He’s a boy.  Already he knows what he likes.  In the nursery he won’t touch a baby doll but will crawl right over it to get to the “k.”  (That’s Parker-ese for “truck.”)

I really love having boys.  And I had two boys tell me funny things today.

While gooping his excema up Bailey asked me the following question:  “Does Parker  have his wizard teeth?”  I did my best to answer him with a straight face that no, he does not have those teeth yet.  His response:  “When he gets his wizard teeth he’ll be able to talk better.”  Serious.  No joking.  He thinks they’re wizard teeth!  And no, I did not correct him!  Boys are only 7 once and wizard teeth are much more fun than wisdom teeth!

Then, tonight I had Carson run an errand for me (trying to make #2 take on some of the responsibilities I naturally call on #1 for…).  He didn’t want to get socks and shoes on so I recommended he slip on Hayden’s flip-flops.  Not a problem.  Until he returned and said to me:  “Never recommend that I wear Hayden’s flip-flops again.  Number 1:  He’s Big-Foot’s brother.  He has HUGE feet.  Number 2:  Those shoes hurt.  My feet are killing me.”

BIG FOOT’S BROTHER?!?  Carson cracks me up!

Hayden jumping on his bike. Not the best picture I could take, but it'll do.

Carson flying by on his bike. I was practicing "panning."

Bailey jumping on his bike. (I love how Carson is in the background watching Parker for me.)

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2 Responses to Wizard teeth and Big Foot’s brother

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    Ohhh Jen: You make me so proud of you. You are doing it “right”. You are so intelligent, caring, loving, and loving the life that God has given you, never taking anything for granted. I love how you love your children and how you “log” everything. You’ll never regret doing that. I wish those “tools” were available to us when ours were so young. But, we did the best we could – and loved them to pieces and enjoyed every waking minute of them. I just asked PaPa the other day (Memorial Day) if he EVER imagined having a beautiful daughter like Robin. He said, “No, I didn’t, and sometimes I STILL can’t believe it!” She’s 48 years old now. How on earth did THAT happen???

    God blessed us with such beautiful children and family and friends. And, He has done the same for you. I know you recognize it to the fullest.

    Love ya.


    • Jennifer says:

      You are so sweet! I pray I am able to say the amazing things about my sons when they’re 48 that you can say about your daughter. We’re about to enter a new stage of parenting (tweens) and I’ll admit, I’m a bit apprehensive. Much love!

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