Cafés, coffee mugs, and crepes (Paris Part 2)

On our only full day in Paris we decided to start at the Arc de Triomphe and walk toward the Louvre.  We knew we’d never make the whole walk because we didn’t want to wear the boys completely out, plus we needed to be at Notre Dame by 2:30 so we could participate in the free English tour.  We started our walk and took pics along the way, stopping in a few stores.  The walk itself is really pretty but it wasn’t a highlight of my trip.  

When the boys started to get tired we stepped off the path and bought a double hotdog for them to share. Matt got a panini and I got a ham and cheese sandwich.  We also ate some goodies from our back pack before continuing our trek toward the Louvre.  We came to the Obelisk and decided to take the Metro from here to Notre Dame.  We didn’t need to go all the way to the Louvre on this particular trek because we were going to actually go INSIDE it the next morning.

We entered the cathedral and stood amazed at the gorgeous interior.  But about the time the tour was to start Parker realized his voice had a magnificent echo.  And the three bigs were about ready for a break.  Because it wasn’t something that was really high on my priority list, I let Matt take this tour alone while I took the boys on a walk.  Just to the left of the cathedral is a corner cafe.  I got in line to get the boys an ice cream cone.  They were 4,50 € and I was not about to pay that!  I told the boys that if we found a cafe that had ice cream for 2,50 € or less we’d stop there.  After visiting a few souvenir stands we ended up two blocks down the street, at the back corner of Notre Dame.  Esmeralda was the name of the cafe and they had ice cream for the right price!  I got all the boys settled in and they devoured ice cream while I sipped the best cup of coffee since arriving in Paris.  I loved the time I sat on the street in that cafe, just chatting with my boys and feeding Parker a banana.  One day I’d like to go back and spent a lot more time in cafes.Do you see the man and woman sitting facing the street?  That was the table Parker and I used and the table to the left was where the bigs were sitting.  After we enjoyed our treats and the time resting we headed across the street and let the boys play on a little playground before Matt finished his tour.
Matt enjoyed the tour and then we headed to our dinner destination.  Right now I’d love to tell you we found the perfect French bistro to sit and enjoy a 3 hour dinner complete with several courses, wine and cheese, dessert and coffee.  But, alas, we were going 100% tourist on this trip so the only possible option was Hard Rock Cafe.  We got Hayden a special treat while here because he carried the diaper bag 80% of the time and without complaining!  (We made the others take turns but they weren’t quite as happy about it. Let’s just say they were much more willing to help the next day, after seeing Hayden’s new Hard Rock collector pin!)

It was a yummy dinner and, though it didn’t have multiple courses or cheese of any kind, we were treated to a 15% military discount, something we don’t often get on this side of the pond!  We left the restaurant and found a crepe shop.  These crepes were HUGE and so we got two for the whole family to share.

Carson, who detests eating after someone (except me) was asking Hayden if he had taken a bite from right there.  Silly boy!Bailey doesn’t care who has eaten before him!  He also doesn’t seem to mind having dirty hands and rubbing his face.  No idea where he got this dirty in the 2 blocks between Hard Rock and the crepe shop.  Traveling with a baby is great for many reasons but one is the always-present baby-wipes for cleaning!  After crepes, baby-wipes were absolutely necessary.Stay tuned for Part 3…

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