I have people ask me all the time about homeschooling.  The first question I get is, “How do you do that?!?  I can’t imagine homeschooling 3 kids, especially with a baby in the house.”  My answer is:  NAPTIME!  We take a 3 hour nap every day.  Well, okay so that’s sort of not true.  The baby takes two naps a day.  Sometimes 3.  I know… we hit the jack pot with him.  Then, after school is done all three of the big boys go to their rooms for 3 hours.  When you spend 24 hrs/7 days a week/365 days a year together, you MUST build in some quiet/apart time.  There are two main reasons I love (LOVE LOVE LOVE) nap time.  The first thing is that I get some quiet ME time.  I update the blog, take pictures, clean house, whatever I want to do.  The second thing is that the time apart makes the boys miss each other.  It never fails: one comes out after their timer beeps and makes a beeline for his brothers’ rooms to tell them something he read or show them something he built out of Legos and duct tape.  This helps keep the bickering and “he looked at me” or “he’s touching me” at a minimum.  By the end of nap, they’re READY to see each other.

The second question I get is: “What curriculum do you use?”  Now, I know they want me to say something like:  “A Beka” or “Sonlight.”  That would be too simple.  I simply can’t tell you in one word, or one paragraph even, what “curriculum” I use.  I wonder if it’s because I was a teacher and my entire time at GWU I was forced to create my own curricula.  I had to come up with PE, science lessons, art lessons (ugh), and history lessons (those had to be directly related to the grade I was teaching at that moment).  As I began to research homeschooling I read a lot about Classical Education.  I love that idea.  I decided early on to base my “school” on that theory.  I loved the way KONOS described their theory and how their curriculum was able to be used with multiple grades at once.  I don’t actually use that curriculum right now but I highly recommend it.  So, when someone asks me how I homeschool I grimace a bit because it’s really hard to answer.  Especially when we’re at the park and I have 4 kids to watch and, as you know, a conversation at the park is rarely uninterrupted.  I usually say, “send me an email and I’ll send you a link to what I do.” Since I wrote it all in a FB note a while back, then updated it a year later, I figured it’s easier to let people read my notes than try to explain it all.  MUCH easier.

And to make it even easier I created a new PAGE for the homeschool notes.  So, if you’re wondering how I homeschool or wonder why, click here.  Happy reading!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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