Portraiture 101 practice

In an attempt to take a “portrait” for my Portraiture 101 class, I took the boys outside to get a few shots of all four of them together.  Turns out I learned a lot from the experience (mostly what not to do) and got some really funny pictures that show the boys’ personalities.

Wish I had gotten a great one for the class (I ended up using a picture from a totally different day) but I still thought these were worth keeping.

These were not perfect but I still liked each one for the story they tell. (By the way, it's hard to follow composition rules with 4 people in a group!)

I broke several rules in this image, but I still liked it. I realized after the fact that I had used too open an aperture (I LOVE ME SOME OPEN APERTURE) and so some of the ones that would have been good compositionally were off because someone was out of focus.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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