James Bond and Cinderella

That’s how we feel when we go to these balls.  The boys love to try to get Matt to carry a concealed Lego weapon because James Bond never goes anywhere without his piece. (Not that they’ve ever seen a James Bond movie but they have seen the MythBusters about some of the Bond action scenes.)  And regarding Cinderella, I so totally relate to the concept of going from ragamuffin to fancy girl in a short 2 hours.  Saturday at 4:00 I was still in p.j.s as I had spent the entire day doing the following menial-yet-absolutely-necessary tasks:  preparing our May 15th budget, preparing  our May 15-June 15 meal plan, writing the grocery list for said meal plan, getting coupons ready for the upcoming grocery shopping trip, etc.  I felt nothing like a princess who was to grace the halls of one of the most beautiful buildings in Wiesbaden a couple of hours later.  (To see a 360 degree video of the interior of the room we were in, click here.  It is the Friedrich-von-Thiersch-Saal.)

This was the first ball I went to where I was actually not nervous.  I don’t know if it’s because it wasn’t my first rodeo or if I’ve just gotten to the point in life where I am content as long as I have pleased my husband.  And by that, I mean, the look on his face when he saw me all dressed up was priceless.  You can ask Evelyn!  She was there!  I had kept the dress color and style a surprise until I was all dressed and ready!  That was fun! And so because he was pleased, it mattered not if anyone else liked it.  For the first time I went to the ball knowing that not everyone was going to be critiquing me but they would each be concerned with their own gowns, making sure their plastic -hanger-thingys were staying hidden and that they didn’t trip over their own uncomfortable  heels.  If only I had known that at my proms.  For whatever reason I always thought that the entire room was just waiting for me to trip or sit at the wrong table or have a dress malfunction.  Turns out they were having the same thoughts and concerns so I could have relaxed and enjoyed myself a bit more.  I wish I had known this at all the other balls we’ve attended.  I would have probably enjoyed those more.  But anyway, I digress.  You came here to see pictures and I gave you lots of words.  On to the pictures…

Before the ball. (I went to the Ball gown exchange and found this dress on loan. It was the only one I tried on and was very excited to have found one so quickly!)

I am SO not a fashionista but I wanted to show the full length of the dress. It was very pretty!

Matt, sort of full length. (I was using my 50 MM and didn't get far enough back to get head-to-toe.)

My friend, Evelyn, all ready for the ball.

Wiesbaden Kurhaus

I didn't take my camera to the ball so I had to rely on my iPhone. This picture had to be lightened quite a bit just to see it. Anyway, this was the appetizer that each of us got. Salmon on the top tier, turkey on the second, and tomato-mozzarella on the bottom.

The interior of the ballroom.

Us after a fun time at the ball, but glad to be home!

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One Response to James Bond and Cinderella

  1. jeanhyatt says:

    Jenny you look beautiful in your red Dress and Matt looks handsome in his uniform . We pray you had a great time at the Ball, we miss you and love you guys. grannie and grandaddy.

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