I’m turning into Cathy Franklin!

And that’s a HUGE compliment!  (Matt actually said I was turning into a regular Martha Stewart but I prefer to be compared to Cathy Franklin, for many reasons.  If you happen to know Cathy and her many talents, you totally understand why!)

My real live Martha Stewart... only better!

In this particular case, I’m referring to the method of popcorn popping I tried last night. You see, I’m a microwave fan.  I love the ease and freedom it affords me.  Especially on Friday nights when my boys cook 4-5 bags of popcorn for our Friday Night Movie Night tradition.  But because of how much we go through, it seems more economical for me to pop it myself!

I decided it was time to try popping this stuff on my own, in a pot, on the STOVE!  After the first batch was done I realized this was way easier than I always envisioned it.  Just like Cathy said!  I grabbed my camera and took pictures of the steps because I was having such a fun time.  (And after I tasted the first batch I discovered I like it MUCH better than microwave popcorn, and I never even put butter on it!  No one even missed the butter taste.  They ate it straight out of the pot with only salt added.)

My empty pot after the first batch. (NOT my Pampered Chef pot, mind you. I wasn't going to cook popcorn in THAT pot.)

The kernels in the oil.

Put the lid on. (I've had this pot since before I got married. I picked it for the color!)

And gently shake pot back and forth constantly.

Once the popping stops, remove lid.

Those kernels made this amount of popcorn!

After I made 5 batches I thought that I may have gotten carried away. Well, this morning I woke up to find no popcorn left, so evidently it was just the right amount!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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3 Responses to I’m turning into Cathy Franklin!

  1. How much oil to how much popcorn? I hate microwave popcorn and would love an air popper, but don’t want to buy it here. I’ve never made it on the stove, but if it’s as easy as it sounds, then great!

    • Jennifer says:

      If you buy a bag of the kernels it will tell you exactly what to do. WHO KNEW?!? I think my bag says “3 T oil to 1/3 c kernels” but I’m not quite sure. Just want to make sure that the kernels sit flat on the bottom of the pot, not enough to overlap them. Have fun! You’ll be impressed!

  2. Cathy Franklin says:

    When I got your email yesterday, I immediately began to pray for Matt. I told Candace poor Jennifer, I hate that for her. But I read your full blog about popcorn and I said” Shruuh! That’s not so bad a trait to pick up!” So Matt you are back out of my prayers! Ha Ha!
    I miss you guys and can’t wait for (mmm, I was going to say the wedding) Matt to come.
    I wish all of you could come. I would certainly put your skills to work Jennifer! I know the boys have grown so much! I am sitting in an apartment on East Campus of Liberty University after attending Candace’s Graduation yesterday. Time flys! I now have a nurse daughter. Amazing!

    God bless you all and enjoy each moment the Lord allows you to have, because good or bad you never get them back. But oh the lessons we can glean if we just absorb each one.

    With Much Love,

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