My first 10K… well, almost.

Before the race!

So, I am very happy with my pace today as it was a personal best (out of the two times I’ve run this distance, it was the better pace).
My only problem is that my GPS shows that I only ran 5.93 miles, which turns out to be 9.54K. So, I technically didn’t run a 10K.  That sort of bugs me, but my pace overall was a 10:18 minute mile, and my goal is to eventually get that to right at (or under) 10:00 even.  So, I’m not too far off, even after only having done this twice!  <If I were to add 5 minutes to my time to get that last three-tenths in, my time would have been 1:06:03.>

This was Matt’s first organized race and we were happy to run it together.  I told him beforehand that he wasn’t supposed to stick with me but to run it at his own pace.  That removes the pressure for me to feel like I’m holding him back… which I would have!!  The volunteer helping with the race gave him the wrong directions so he actually went off course, and his total race distance was 6.22 miles, just over a 10K.  Total time was 53:50. I’m very proud of him!

After the race!

I have to send a special thank-you out to my friend, Evelyn, who was willing to take care of my guys starting at 6:30 this morning!  I was pleased for her sake that Parker slept the whole time, and in fact, I still haven’t seen him.  I decided to sit and write (and rest) for a few minutes before getting my shower and starting the real day.  I never would have been able to run this race with my husband without Evelyn’s help!

Evelyn, you’re an awesome neighbor!  I’m glad to call you my friend!
Because I left the festivities quickly I missed the announcement of the race winners!  Turns out I was third in my age group and I won a medal!! 🙂

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2 Responses to My first 10K… well, almost.

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    Oh how proud I am of you and Matt! You 2 are so wonderful. God has blessed me so much to have you enter our lives. And, bless sweet Evelyn’s heart for watching those wonderful boys. WOW. What a race! (I couldn’t even do that riding my lawnmower!!!!) Haha.

    Love to you all.


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