I did it!  For the first time ever outside!  I ran 6.2 miles!  I have my first 10K on Friday morning and I wanted to enter it knowing I had done it before.  I was able to reach that goal on the treadmill back in OCT before I went to the states, but when I returned and tried running again, my hip was so bad I could barely walk.  It still aches almost all the time but it is bearable.

I didn’t set out tonight intending to reach this goal.  It was already close to 8:00 pm and I am actually thankful for the late hour sunsets Germany gets in the spring and summer.  It still wasn’t full dark when I returned home an hour and 13 minutes later (I know… not a record-breaking time).  But as I was running toward this lighthouse that has fascinated me since I started running outside, I decided to run TO the lighthouse and walk home. Well, I MADE it to this beautiful building, even though it was at the top of a very steep hill.  Well, since I had gravity on my side I decided to run back.  Everything was fine until I hit about 5.5 miles.  The last .7 was killer, but I can say that for the first time in my life I ran 6.2 miles outside!! 🙂  And you can rest assured that I’ll be tagging T.J. and Corie in my FB status so they’ll be sure to see this.  You see, when I started running, my end-goal was to run a 5K.  They were brave enough to run with me, even though I am admittedly not a friendly runner.  I do not talk when I run.  I breathe.  That’s about all I can manage to do while I run.  But both T.J. and Corie, highly experienced, well trained runners, stuck with me through the end.  I think they’ll both be super proud of me for doing 10K today!

This is a beautiful structure visible from my part of Wiesbaden. I can now say I've been there! (But I do believe this is the only light house I've ever seen that is not near any water at all.)

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