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Church + pizza + bowling = FUN!

We enjoy each other so much and today we spent some time together bowling alley!  I was lazy with my camera and didn’t get many pictures.  I knew I’d regret my laziness and I was right.  What I did get, … Continue reading

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Ostermarkt auf der Ronneburg

I tried the slideshow feature but really didn’t like it.  Instead of adding all the extra pictures in here, I’ve posted a few of the artsy ones to my photography blog.  You can see those pictures here.  Eventually I’ll have … Continue reading

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20 points

20 POINTS!  That’s a lot.  I only get 29 a day.  Imagine my surprise when I went to add the points in Weight Watchers for the dinner I had eaten.  Let’s just say I won’t be making this again for … Continue reading

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When Carson was Parker’s age…

he was a big brother!  Today Parker is 13 months and one day old.  I had Bailey when Carson was 13 months and one day old.  Hayden was 2.  It was a crazy fun time and there are days I … Continue reading

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He’s 13. (months…)

Today has almost come to a close here in Germany.  My babies are all asleep.  The week has progressively gotten better, day-by-day.  I look back and think on the day and am really thankful we got to spend today with … Continue reading

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Oh Shoot!

What a clever title for a beginning photography class.  Love it!  I have had so many people ask me about the class I’m taking and so I figured the easiest way to explain it would be in detail here.  Before … Continue reading

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ChapelNext – Wiesbaden

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Spring fever

That phrase has always struck me as a pleasant one.  Expectant.  Ready for spring. Excited about what was to come.  Today, however, it’s hitting me in the funny bone… you know, that place that’s supposed to be funny, but it … Continue reading

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Activity – okay, this is a stretch…

I’ve enjoyed trying to come up with words with the -ity suffix as titles for my blogs. So far they’ve been fairly easy, but this one just isn’t matching the overall description of this post.  This blog entry IS about … Continue reading

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